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NYC Hotel STRANGER THINGS Experience Will Help You Binge in Style

Fans of the Netflix phenomenon that is Stranger Things can enjoy their binge watch in style at The Gregory Hotel in New York. This high-end hotel is trying to take Netflix-and-chill to the next logical step by offering an “Ex-STREAM-ly Cozy Package” for a reasonable $249 per night that includes access to the streaming service and, yes, some Eggos to curb the mid-season munchies.

The deal, which came to our attention via The Nerdy Bird, includes a room is decked out with series-related items like a colorful Christmas light wall tapestry that sends messages from Will in the Upside Down. You sleep in a bed with a Stranger Things fleece blanket and rest your head on a pillowcase that’s been branded with the show’s awesome retro logo. In addition to a Chromecast to binge watch the series on and enough Eggo waffles to satisfy your inner-Eleven, the hotel also provides guests with canned House Wine and Healthy Skoop’s Sleep Protein snacks to soothe your frayed nerves at the end of the season and help you get to sleep. To top it all off, for a price that seems comparable to most NYC hotel rooms, you also get a “Friends don’t lie” mug to take home with you.

This looks like it could be an excellent treat for any super-fan of the series looking to binge in comfort, although I don’t know if I would go out of my way to book a trip to NYC just to stay here for the night. That said, the two cans of wine, mug, and Eggos do add a nice incentive. The package will be available through August 2018, so don’t feel like you need to rush.

Are you intrigued by this package deal? Let us know in the comments if you’re considering booking this experience!

Images: The Gregory Hotel, Giphy

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