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“Waid” Into a New Superhero Comics Paradigm With AXIOM

From Kingdom Come writer Mark Waid and stalwart DC artist Ed Benes comes a new, 144-page superhero story from Legendary comics…with a twist.

Axiom is one of two aliens who come to earth, showcase extraordinary powers,  and then try to make like Miracleman in actually eradicating all of Earth’s problems.

Except…well…just look at him. Are you sure you’d trust this guy to save you? I mean, sure, the red eyes COULD just be heat vision, like when Superman gets mad in the Zack Snyder movies, but the other 99% of the time they tend to signify ill intent.


And the full title gives us more of a sense of where this is going: The Rise and Fall of Axiom. Whether that’s just a metaphorical fall, indicating that public perception of him drops at a certain point, or some kind of active defeat…well, you have 144 pages to read in order to find out.

Here’s the official synopsis, though:

Axiom and Thena, aliens from another world, arrive on earth and exhibit
extraordinary powers. Benevolent and godlike, they cure humanity’s ills and usher
in an era of peace, prosperity and complacency.

A series of tragic events reveals another side of Axiom: humanity’s savior
becomes its worst nightmare. A Defense Department analyst, armed with only
scientific knowledge and courageous spirit takes on the turned hero in a fight for
mankind’s survival!

Science and courage. If those are indeed superpowers, many of us are stronger than we may know.

Axiom, which also features colors by Dinei Ribeiro, comes out today wherever comic books are sold. Will you be picking up a copy? Tell us in comments below.

Want more comics? Dan Casey has you covered!

Images: Legendary

​(Editor’s note: Nerdist Industries is a subsidiary of Legendary Digital Networks.)

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