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VOLTRON (Hopefully) Gets an Amazing LEGO Treatment

LEGO is great. No matter what age you are, there’s always fun to be had when they are around. Whether it’s the many playsets, the video games, or the movies, LEGO always has a way to bring a smile to a person’s face. And from original creations like Ninjago to licensed properties like Batman, there seems like an infinite number of enjoyment possibilities.

When thinking about those licensed properties, nothing seems to make more sense than a LEGO version of the Defender of the Universe himself, Voltron. The five robot lions from the planet Arus joined together to form the greatest super-hero robot piloted by teenagers of all time (Sorry Megazord, but no).

Now there is a chance to own the LEGO version of this ’80s (and soon to be 2016) cartoon staple. Gizmodo first reported that designer len_d69 came up with a LEGO version of Voltron. From these pictures, he or she has got the right idea.

Lion Force

Here is the Lion Force is all their glory. Usually, like with LEGO Batman for instance, you can tell the difference between LEGO version and a “real version” of the character. Not the case here. These figures look like they could be made of die-cast metal rather than hard plastic bricks.


Here is the finished product when the lions come together and form Voltron. If you were a fan of the cartoon, then you can tell the detail of this figure is definitely there. All that’s needed is a LEGO Blazing Sword.


There you go.

Now for this awesome version of Voltron to be even considered for production by Lego, it needs at least 10,000 people to support it. If you want to help get it to the next level, head over to LEGO Ideas and cast your vote!

Voltron-2-0422106 Voltron-5-04222016

So what do you think? Are you on board for this Lego version of Voltron? Let me know on Twitter or take a weird system of elevators and tunnels to your lions in the comments below.

And stare in awe at the teaser for Netflix’s upcoming Voltron: Legendary Defender

IMAGES: len_d69/Lego Ideas

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