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Updating All Dinosaur Comparison Charts with JURASSIC WORLD’s Chris Pratt

Scales and a few million years aren’t the only things separating us from non-avian dinosaurs — the most famous of these ancient reptiles were often too enormous to imagine. Argentinosaurus was well over 100 feet long, Spinosaurus was a 6-ton killing machine. Most educational visualizations of the beasts use a tiny human for scale to show you just how dinosaurs would stack up against the hairless primates that took over for them. There’s just one problem with these pictures: not enough Chris Pratt.

Steven Vidovic, a paleontologist at Portsmouth University, recently helped to discover what could be the oldest dinosaur found in the Jurassic period. Dracoraptor hanigani was around six feet long and came to about thigh-height when standing…Chris Pratt’s thigh height in Jurassic World. We know this because Vidovic produced this amazing image for The Guardian showing how Dracoraptor compared to the average male movie star. That got us thinking: what if all dinosaur comparison charts used Chris Pratt instead of some general human outline? Wouldn’t that be more understandable (and fun) for most people?

Well, ask and you shall receive:

PrattSize_PIC1Click to enlarge.

Nerdist hereby proposes a new scientific convention: To aid the public’s understanding of science, all dinosaur comparison graphics should now include Chris Pratt’s famous stance in Jurassic World — the most memorable scene in the biggest dinosaur movie in decades — as the human comparison. We took it upon ourselves to do just that using Vidovic’s Pratt outline and the fantastic work of Wikipedia user Matt Martyniuk, who produced all the most-used dinosaur charts on the site. Above is our version of a comparison for some giant theropod dinosaurs. Better right?

We also mocked up charts for the longest dinosaurs…and Chris Pratt:

PrattSize_PIC2Click to enlarge.

Eotriceratops compared with Triceratopsand Chris Pratt:

PrattSize_PIC3Click to enlarge.

Pachycephalosaurus…and Chris Pratt:

PrattSize_PIC4Click to enlarge.

And of course, we just had to compare an actual Velociraptor to Chris Pratt:

PrattSize_PIC5Click to enlarge.

We fully expect that all artist renditions for new paleontological studies going forward will use this new convention, the Pratt Convention if you will. It’s for science.

HT: The Guardian

IMAGES: Matt Martyniuk; Steven Vidovic/PA; Updated comparisons by Michelle Buchman

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