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Updated Live! Oscars 2015 Liveblog

Quick! Get those last minute ballots filled out for your pool, the Academy Awards are finally here. Hollywood’s biggest night is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited. This is the night us cinephiles wait for all year. Pull up a chair and grab your favorite snack, we’re in for a stellar show. C’mon, Neil Patrick Harris is hosting, you know there will be song and dance numbers to remember. For those of you stuck at work or without a way to watch the ceremony on TV don’t fret, we’ll be posting the winners and commentary all night long. Beginning at 5pm PT this post will be updated throughout the night with the winners as they are announced. Stay tuned to this page and join us on Twitter for more banter and fun.

Who will take home the coveted golden statuettes this year? Can Wes Anderson finally snag his first Oscar for The Grand Budapest Hotel after years of being snubbed? Which amazing leading lady will top them all to take Best Actress? Will it be Birdman or Boyhood that takes home Best Picture? Will I cry and feel all the feels during at least one acceptance speech? (Spoiler alert: always.) Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or follow me on Twitter for even more Oscars chatter.

Liveblog (refresh page for updates)

9:05PM: WINNER! Best Picture – Birdman Phewww, that was a long ceremony. Thanks for following along with us everyone. I hope you enjoyed!

9:00PM: WINNER! Best Actress – Julianne Moore

8:55PM: WINNER! Best Actor – Eddie Redmayne YESSSSSSSSS!!! My happiest win of the night.

8:42PM: WINNER! Best Director – Alejandro González Iñárritu for Birdman

8:35PM: WINNER! Best Adapted Screenplay – The Imitation Game Screenwriters are my favorite and I’m not going to hide it. Kudos to them, they are the ones putting the words on the page.

8:30PM: WINNER! Best Original Screenplay – Birdman

8:24PM: WINNER! Best Original Score – The Grand Budapest Hotel Alexandre Desplat finally gets his Oscar!

8:20PM: Total love fest between Lady Gaga and Julie Andrews right now.

8:17PM: We’re getting a musical tribute to The Sound of Music right now from Lady Gaga. Eh, I’m lukewarm on these things. It’s a nice gesture, but the ceremony is already so long! Must. Power. Through…

8:08PM: WINNER! Best Original Song – “Glory” from Selma A touching, moving speech from John Legend and Common.

8:04PM: Ben Affleck is all like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to that joke, NPH.

8:00PM: John Legend and Common giving a moving performance of “Glory” from Selma.

7:50PM: WINNER! Best Documentary Feature – CitizenFour An important, incredible film about the Edward Snowden leaks.

7:43PM: WINNER! Best Film Editing – Whiplash Whoaaa, another unexpected surprise. Whiplash is slowly creeping up and snatching awards.

7:30PM: The hardest part of the Oscars, the In Memoriam. 🙁 We’ve lost so many great talents this year.

7:27PM: Roger Deakins just lost in the Best Cinematography category for the twelfth time. Can we give him an honorary award please, Academy?

7:25PM: WINNER! Best Cinematography – Birdman Emmanuel Lubezki wins back to back Oscars! He won this category last year for Gravity.

7:20PM: WINNER! Best Production Design – The Grand Budapest Hotel How could it not win? This movie looks stunning.

7:11PM: WINNER! Best Animated Film – Big Hero 6 An upset! Most people thought How to Train Your Dragon 2 had this.

7:07PM: WINNER! Best Animated Film – Feast Disney gets a win!

7:05PM: WINNER! Best Visual Effects – Interstellar Who could argue this? Incredible SFX in this film. Congrats to them.

7:00PM: Rita Ora performing “Grateful” from Beyond the Lights, loved this movie! Such great music in it.

6:57PM: WINNER! Best Supporting Actress – Patricia Arquette Meryl Streep approves of that speech.

6:49PM: WINNER! Best Sound Editing – American Sniper

6:47PM: WINNER! Best Sound Mixing – Whiplash Well deserved.

6:44PM: “Not my tempo.”

6:35PM: Neil Patrick Harris is right, Brits really do make everything sound better.

6:32PM: I’m sad that we don’t get to see the Lifetime Achievement Awards presented during the ceremony anymore, but a well deserved award to Hayao Miyazaki this year.

6:28PM: WINNER! Best Documentary Short Subject – Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1

6:25PM: WINNER! Best Live Action Short Film – The Phone Call Hooray!! What a lovely short film with Sally Hawkins and Jim Broadbent.


6:11PM: WINNER! Best Foreign Film – Ida Yes! If you haven’t seen Ida, it’s on Netflix. It’s beautiful, go watch it.

6:08PM: What does everyone think of NPH so far? He’s doing pretty great.

6:02PM: WINNER! Best Makeup & Hairstyling – The Grand Budapest Hotel Cleaning up the technical awards so far, way to go!

5:59PM: WINNER! Best Costume Design – The Grand Budapest Hotel Well deserved!

5:50PM: Adam Levine performing the first best song nominee from “Begin Again.” I love the music in this movie!

5:40PM: WINNER! Best Supporting Actor – JK Simmons. I’m not sure if he was rushing or dragging to the stage.

5:35PM: We see you, Cumberbatch.

5:30PM: Aaand here we go! Show us what you got, NPH!

5:00PM: Hey hey Nerdist readers! I’ll be your liveblog host for the evening. Who’s excited? So far I’d like to give my own personal awards to Eddie Redmayne for rocking the bowtie and Marion Cotillard for being fabulous at everything. Also, hiii Cumberbatch!

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    Yeees! Ida! Greetings from Poland 😀

  2. Lindsay Jordan says:

    So excited!!