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Upcoming On the Nerdist Channel’s “Hero Complex”: Ridley Scott! Leonard Nimoy! Ed Brubaker!

One of the shows scheduled to debut soon on the Nerdist Channel is one we’re quite excited about, Hero Complex: The Show, the video version of Geoff Boucher’s great site for the Los Angeles Times with award-winning coverage of science fiction, fantasy and superhero entertainment. One of the things that has us anticipating this show with great enthusiasm is that Geoff has the ability to pull in amazing guests for amazing interviews. How amazing? We can now tell you his guests for the first couple of episodes.

The first episode, coming during the week of April 9th, will feature Geoff going one-on-one with Ridley Scott. They’ll talk about Prometheus, of course, but also about his entire career, his studies with David Hockney, and the possibility of another Blade Runner.

The second episode will include visits with Leonard Nimoy, who needs no introduction, and Ed Brubaker, who, for comics aficionados, also needs no introduction.

Yeah, like THAT kind of guest. Huge.

We and the Times sent out a press release today about the show, and our Chris Hardwick has a quote in it that nails it: “NO ONE gets the kind of nerd culture coverage that Geoff Boucher is able to get, nor at his level of quality, which one could only describe as amazetastic. Were I smaller, I would stow away in his pocket so that I could be present for his one-on-one interviews with the actors, directors and writers that I idolize. Since I’m not, I’ve somehow tricked him into doing the next best thing: CAPTURING IT ON VIDEO. I am incredibly lucky that Geoff has decided to port the genius of Hero Complex over to Nerdist Channel.”

Amazetastic. Yes, that’s the word I was looking for. It really is amazetastic.

So that’s yet another reason to subscribe to the Nerdist Channel. Subscribing makes certain that you’ll know when every episode of every new show on the Nerdist Channel will be ready for your viewing pleasure. Subscribe now and you won’t miss a thing once the channel starts on Monday. So do it already: Click here and subscribe.  Thank you!  See, that was easy….

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  1. GuanoLad says:

    Nice to see a Press Release that doesn’t have “thrilled” or “delighted” in it. “Amazetastic” is a much better word.