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TV’s Arrow Wasn’t Pleased with WB/DC Movie Announcement

While most of the movie-going audience were excitedly abuzz about Warner Bros. announcement of nine DC Universe feature films coming out through 2020, some people close to the property were not, or at least weren’t with the way it was done. In October, the WB announced its slate of films following Spring 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with other titles including Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Justice League, The Flash, and so forth, and it was that last one that’s caused a bit of a stir.

Stephen Amell, the actor and social media superstar who plays Oliver Queen, the titular hero in The CW’s hit Arrow program, said in an interview with the Arrow After Show (which was later shown as part of a discussion on AMC Movie Talk) that he didn’t think Warner Bros. handled the announcement well, seeing as it was the day after the pivotal second episode of the CW’s newest hit The Flash had aired. He thinks by announcing Ezra Miller to play the red-clad speedster on the big screen, it immediately undercuts the public perception of Grant Gustin in the television role.

Here’s what he had to say:

HT: Mashable

It’s true that Warner Bros. probably could have waited a day or two to announce who’d be playing Barry Allen, if the feature film and television branches of the DC Universe are indeed separate, but they probably weren’t thinking that their hit new show’s ratings just came in when they announced the movie stuff. Still, from Amell’s point of view, his friend just succeeded in a major way and then the studio told people to think of this other guy in the same role.

With Gotham on Fox, Arrow and The Flash on The CW, and Constantine on NBC, it’s wholly unlikely there will ever be a shared DC Television Universe, much less one that covers both big and small screen. Marvel can do it because they’re owned by Disney and Disney owns ABC, so it’s all in the same family, but Warner Bros has deals with several networks and inter-network crossovers are immensely difficult, if not impossible.

And, The Flash film won’t come out until March 2018, so that’ll be nearing the TV Flash‘s fourth season if it stays on, which will clearly cement Gustin as the Flash in most people’s minds.

What do you think? Do you agree with Amell’s misgivings or are the two universes totally separate and won’t affect any other? Tell us below!

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  1. 2DimDC says:

    I think the TV DC deliverables far out strip the DC movies in the portrayal of 3 dimensional characters. I mean George Reeves 1950 superman had more personality than any of the movies. Keep them separate so TV does not become 2 D offerings like the current movies (aside from Keith L Joker) have been. 

  2. Mike Brown says:

    Im sorry but this other guy, looks nothing like the Flash. that’s hollywood for you. not gonna go there but will say that if you gonna pick a guy to have a the name Barry Allen, and this other guy does scream out barry Allen. not even close 

  3. Daniel Fletcher says:

    I understand the two universes are separate and that won’t bother me much but there’s Dumbasses out there that don’t understand

  4. Lex Luthor says:

    Disclaimer #1: I NEVER post on these types of boards, because as much of a comic nerd as I have been my whole life of several decades, it generally seems that all people do on these things is pointless whining and bitching, and calling names to anyone that disagrees with them.Disclaimer #2: I am already a huge fan of the Flash TV series.Disclaimer #3: I agree wholeheartedly 110% with Amell.Disclaimer #4: I have a wholehearted bias toward DC over Marvel, all day, every day…
    BUT!…(and there’s always a “but”)…
    *this article has nothing to do with Marvel, and the only reason to even bring up the tired DC vs Marvel debates in the context of this article is because you are exactly one of those people I just referenced that ALWAYS has to find something to bitch about.
    *Gustin has totally won me over as Barry Allen/the Flash, DESPITE the reasons he is absolutely unqualified to play him, namely that Barry Allen is a MAN not a CHILD, and they clearly did take several pages from the teeny-bopper, would-be romance in the Spider-Man movies and slap it onto the Flash, instead of making him a grown man and his own character. I don’t blame Gustin so much as the writers and directors (who nonetheless, along with Gustin’s acting still manage to sell me on the story, as long as I put aside my preconceptions from growing up on the Silver Age flash), but they definitely “borrowed” a lot from Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of The Amazing Spider-Man. Even having the wrong hair color for EITHER Barry OR Wally, I tend to think that Gustin definitely strikes me more as a Wally than a Barry. But from a business perspective, even if they have TV Flash be Barry and movie flash be Wally, it’s too soon in the development of the TV/cinematic DC universes to already have both Flashes and expect the non-diehards without a background knowledge of the comics to give a shit one way or the other. They’ll just be confused, which will lead to disinterest. In other words, Amell is absolutely correct that the announcement (especially its timing) totally undercuts Gustin’s place as THE ONLY current Flash that anyone cares about, and after four seasons in, unless they manage to completely butcher the TV show, they’ll have a hard time convincing the fans that a completely new face is their favorite speedster. Besides Andrew Garfield doing a bang-up job as The Amazing Spider-Man (and Marvel’s stupidity in not proceeding with him any further), it was easy to accept him as the character because Toby MacGuire is such a goofy dingbat, and totally wrong for the character. MacGuire and Gustin do not have that in common, so despite Gustin’s age/physical differences from the original comic book Barry Allen, it will be a harder pill to swallow. 

    On the whole, however slow DC has moved on the development of their cinematic universe, they are positively CRUSHING the competition in both the TV world and the straight-to-video animated features. I wish them continued successes in the upcoming and current endeavors!

  5. Rodney says:

    Thats so stupid to not have the realms combined

  6. ian says:

    Why does everyone forget there are 2 adult Flashes (3 of you count the silver age). BUt why do there have to be 2 barry allens. The TV flash reminds me more of Wally West, but he’s been given his name. Why not have the Movie FLash be Wally, like in the JL-Unlimited TV Series. clear up the confusion alittle bit. 

  7. LeVar Anthony says:

    See, now that their are two Flashes, I would love for there to be a Silver Age type of story where the two Flashes meet.

  8. Victor says:

    I don`t give a fuck about this. Amell is a terrible Oliver Queen, has nothing to do with the Oliver Queen of the comics.
    WB / DC are suck at making movies and TV shows. Batman Begins and TDK are the only great movies until now. MoS are so so, not the Superman I am familiar with.
    In the other side you have those horrible Arrow, Flash and Constantine TV shows. And DC is still announcing more and more small screen adaptations. The only good TV show from DC is Gotham, and it is not a direct adapation of the DCU.
    And now you have Marvel. Their movies, if it isn`t great, are at least good. Their recent TV Shows are going to be great, you kwon why?? Because it`s going to be hosted in a very good streaming channel.
    Marvel has people who understand their characters and universe, and understand how to make movies, and there are only 4 or 5 guys to command the entire Marvel Studios.
    DC has only people who understand cinema, but not the characters and there universe, and every sector of WB / DC is headed by numerous of people.
    Marvel is organized.
    DC is messed up.
    Don`t full yourself. I prefer the DC characters than the Marvel characters, but Marvel knows what to do in cinema. DC knows what to do in the comics. Buth nowadays they both don`t know what to do in comics.

    • ThisGuy says:

      Not trying to be a troll but I disagree with your entire statement other then DC Characters being better.  I agree with you there.  I love Marvel but prefer DC.  But MoS was proven to be extremely close to the revamped origins of the past 20-30.  And research also proved He has killed in the comics, as well as previous movies including the true movie original Christopher Reeves.…/10-times-superman-forced-kill.php/1

      Steven Amell is an amazing Arrow and I’d love to see him take up the movie role.Marvel is organized now ish.  thanks to Sony owning the movie rights to Spider-Man and Fox with the X-men Trilogy;  we will never see the combined efforts of the Avengers and X-men or Spider-Man.  Not exactly organized in that aspect.DC just decided within the past few years to revamp and reboot their entire series of comic characters.  Give them credit, they have to try and meet the standards of the new youth, while meeting the standards of the traditional generation.  A very difficult task.Marvel was not always so organized.  They faltered, had lapses and had serious issues regarding the trilogies, so giving them full credit on organization isn’t justified.And here is a question, it will kind of sound like a troll but: If you don’t give a “fuck” about this, then why did you comment?

    • thatdude says:

      He does act like green arrow just the first one the joking smiley green arrow we love is his some who we probably won’t see in the tv show until the end

    • Poop says:

      you are suck at writing

    • Lex Luthor says:

      Opinions are like assholes

  9. ross says:

    i really think Grant Gustin has been doing a great job in the flash tv show.

  10. Danxe says:

    The Flash Movie should be an extension of the TV series. Rather than just another separate movie.

  11. Jack says:

    Ezra Miller hasn’t been announced to play Barry Allen though, that’s what Stephen is up in arms about. But they just said he’s going to be playing “The Flash”, For all we know (and most hopefully) He’s going to be playing Wally West, who is a much more fun and comedic Flash.

    The Flash tv show whilst a fine show, is definitely too cheesy (and… well, not greatly acted to be honest) for DC’s cinematic universe, Ezra is a phenomenal Actor and is capable of bringing comedy and serious drama without giving off a cheesy performance (just look at Perks of being a Wallflower).

     I agree that it was poorly announced (they should’ve thrown in a teaser for BvS whilst they were at it), but people shouldn’t forsake Ezra’s take on The Flash because of a poor announcement.

  12. Nich Hustler says:

    I don’t think it’s worth getting worked up by. It was a retarded move by DC, but that Flash movie still requires Batman v Superman, Suicide Sqaud, Wonder Woman and Justice League part 1 to all be successful. Now if they can do that, make 4 successful movies, then I would watch this Flash movie in anticipation. If they can’t we never get to this movie, it all flops. Either way we win. I don’t mind if there are separate tv and movie universes just like I don’t need the animated shows to be in the same universe. 

    It was still a stupid move by DC to announce this when they did.

  13. george says:

    as long as there is crisis  as a potential film there is hope  for dc

  14. Loren says:

    They need to  gustin playing. Barty allen. The roles should stay the same just as it shou if they make an arrow movie.

  15. Nate says:

    if the argument is only based on the idea of not having the DC universe mixed up with television shows, they are just letting Marvel one up them.. Agents of Shield anyone? Come on. 

  16. harris says:

    Amell is right! Grant for flash!

  17. S says:

    Well The Flash and Arrow have already had cross-overs, so as long as they remain consistent with that, I don’t mind what the films decide to do

  18. Justin says:

    I agree with Stephen Amell!

  19. Justin says:

    Grant Gustin should have the role in the movie this announcement pisses me off!

  20. Nate says:

    It is not just about the acting. It is the idea of replacing actors who actually brought the character to life first, getting replaced by different actors who never have been part of the franchise. That is the issue.

  21. Nick says:

    No you don’t base everything off of the appearance but it is a good place to start. Miller may be a great actor or he may not I haven’t seen his work but seeing his appearance is enough to tell me he’s not someone I want to see wearing the red suit.

  22. eddie says:


  23. Mathieas says:

    I googled.