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TV-Cap: WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER Tease, Thomas Jefferson in SLEEPY HOLLOW & More

News flash: Did you know it feels like a plethora of currently airing television series are set in the eighteenth century? That’s the popular theme lately and maybe at some point when I’m not rounding up news, I’ll dive in and see exactly how many shows are traveling back to that point of time. But back to the present, it’s time to look at the most exciting happenings in the wide world of television in the last 24 hours. We’ve got updates on Thomas Jefferson making an appearance on Sleepy Hollow, a Black Sails villain, an upcoming Arrow and The Flash crossover, and news about a Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood exhibit you can visit.

Going to Camp. Given the frigid temps hitting some parts of the world, some of you could use a warm up. We’ve got you covered with the vaguest of teasers for Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer. It doesn’t give much besides the names of the cast, but isn’t that the point? Leave ’em wanting more. [Deadline]

Family Tree-Bending. The Avatar franchise presented a detailed and rich world with characters I’ll remember forever. Plus, KORRASAMI. It deserves all caps forever. To keep the love alive, Nickelodeon has released a series of family trees covering the the connections of characters we know and love. [Nerdist]

Not a Donovan. Katie Holmes (Dawson’s Creek – sorry, I will never forget) is coming to Showtime’s Ray Donovan for a “major” role. She’ll be playing Paige, a businesswoman who’s the daughter of Andrew Finney (Ian McShane). Paige will be using Ray’s oh so helpful services. [TVLine]


Where’s My Cardigan? It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood if you leave near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania because the Heinz History Center has “the largest collection of original items from the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood television set on public view.” There’s also a slightly weird-looking figure of Mister Rogers – just don’t look it directly in the eyes. [Topless Robot]

Penguin, Fish, & Detective Gordon. Jim Gordon is back with Bullock, the Gotham City Police Department showed their corrupt side again, and Penguin was actually helpful. Read Joseph’s review of the latest episode of Gotham.

Don’t Slow Down. CBS handed over a pilot order for Rush Hour. The one-hour “action dramedy” is based on the movie with the same name. Bill Lawrence and Blake McCormick of Cougar Town are set to write and produce the series directed by Brett Ratner (Prison Break) [Entertainment Weekly]


Crossover Central. As far as I’m concerned, the worlds of Arrow and The Flash can overlap again and again. Though it isn’t quite the same as Oliver Queen visiting Central City, two Arrow cast members will pop over to visit Barry Allen in episode 18 of The Flash, “All-Star Team-Up.” We don’t know exactly why Felicity Smoak and Ray Palmer will head to STAR Labs, but Andrew Kreisberg says we can expect that the “team will help Ray further his ATOM project.” Squee. [IGN]

Play It Like You Mean It. In completely different pilot pick-up news, HBO is going for an 18th century drama set in Vienna. That’s apparently the century of choice these days. Virtuoso was created by Alan Ball (True Blood), Elton John (needs no credits), and David Furnish and will focus on a class of musical prodigies studying at the Academy of Musical Excellence. [Variety]

012715_SleepyHollow_Steven Weber2

Hello, Founding Father! Thomas Jefferson is coming to Sleepy Hollow! Steven Weber (Wings) will appear in the February 9th episode, and I am on the edge of my seat waiting to hear Ichabod and Jefferson trading 18th century insults. Go look at the entire episode gallery at TVLine.

Cold Opens For Everything, Please. Craig Ferguson may be done withThe Late Late Show, but he’s keeping busy. Ferguson and Green Mountain West (his production company) have signed a television agreement with Lionsgate. They’ll be producing both scripted and unscripted programming. Bring it on. [Deadline]


Pirates Are The Worst. Can you believe I have another series that takes place in the 18th century on this list? I swear I didn’t plan it. Season two of Black Sails premiered last Saturday, and there’s a new pirate in town: Ned Low (Tadhg Murphy). The character is based on a real pirate with a heck of a reputation. Murphy says, “There are stories of Ned Low cutting off people’s lips, frying them up, and serving them back to their owner.” Yum. Sorry if you’re eating breakfast. Read more about the villain at TV Insider.

What shows do you watch that take place in the 18th century? I’m obsessed. Let us know in the comments.

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