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How to Make Your Home Look Like the Space-Time Continuum

Do you know what your home decor is missing? Accurate representations of the fabric of our universe, that’s what!

You’ve all probably heard the analogy — that objects in our universe are like bowling balls on a trampolines, bending space-time depending on their mass. It’s an imperfect analogy, but this bending at least gives us some visualization of how gravity can attract objects and even warp the flow of time. Every particle in the universe affects its fabric in this way, which is why having a home filled with distorted space-time grids is sure to be a huge hit in any nerd’s home.

You could first replace your carpet with these amazing designs from Ege Carpets:



Who wouldn’t want to stumble around on that? I’d wait until my cat sat right on one of the depressions then have a good squee.

On top of that carpet you could craft your own space-time table, like Redditor squadger did:



And finally, you’ll need space-time to warp around the food you place on the table, which is sitting on that carpet. Why don’t you purchase some trick mats from A.P. WORKS?



There, now you’re ultra-nerdy living room is complete. Although the bedroom could use some glitch furniture…

IMAGES: Ege Carpets; A.P. WORKS; Squadger

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