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TV-Cap: TWIN PEAKS Pushed to 2017, BBC One Adapting HIS DARK MATERIALS, and More

Whew. It’s amazing how much news rolls in while you’re on a ship and away from the interwebs. I just caught up on all the recent television happenings since last Friday, and boy, it’s been busy. Today’s TV-Cap has the latest highlights including news about the release of Showtime’s Twin Peaks, an adaptation of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials (yay!), photos from the next Supernatural, a partnership between Jon Stewart and HBO, and more.

On Track But Delayed. You’ll have to wait just a tiny bit longer for new episodes of Twin Peaks. Showtime has confirmed the rumors about a delay. CBS Corporation executive Leslie Moonves dropped the news during an earnings conference call; he said the sequel is slated to launch in 2017. [Nerdist]

Stretching Her…Cape. In its second episode, Supergirl puts Supergirl through some very serious testing at the DEO, and they introduce her to Kryptonite. It had to happen eventually, right? And also, there was a delightful montage of Kara doing good deeds—including rescuing a pet snake from a tree. As long as you’ve seen the episode, go read RV’s recap of “Stronger Together.” [Images: CBS, Supergirl GIF]

AKA Episode Titles. Marvel’s Jessica Jones arrives on Netflix in just over two weeks. I’m sure you’re prepared to spend part of November 20 and the following weekend binging to your heart’s content, and now you can read some teases about what you’ll be watching. Netflix has released episode titles and single sentence synopses. They’re vague and hint at what Jessica’s up to and how she’ll battle Kilgrave. Get the titles and descriptions here at Nerdist.

Dæmons On TV. I have good news, His Dark Materials fans! The trilogy of books by Philip Pullman is being adapted for BBC One. Why is that good news? Because it has to be better than The Golden Compass, right? Right. Not many details are available yet, but the series will be filmed in Wales, will be produced by New Line Cinema and Bad Wolf Productions, and will air on BBC One. [Nerdist]

An Amara Connection? The Winchesters are on the road again. In tonight’s episode of Supernatural, “Thin Lizzie,” the brothers investigate murders that happened at a bed and breakfast. It’s not just any bed and breakfast though; it’s where Lizzie Borden used to live. Also, Amara could be involved. They have their work cut out for them, but photos from the episode hint at some solid brotherly scenes. See more pictures from “Thin Lizzie” at TV Fanatic. [Images: The CW]

It’s a Deal. Jon Stewart and HBO have inked a pact that has them working together for the next four years. The exclusive production pact was announced by HBO programming on Tuesday and will include short-form digital content and first-look options. They’re starting with a the short-form digital content that will be refreshed on HBO Now multiple times in a day. I’ll happily take bite-sized doses of Stewart’s humor. [Medium]

The Streaming Frontier. We haven’t had new Star Trek on the air since 2005. Star Trek: Enterprise was the last series on television, but the next one is finally in the works. CBS will launch the next Star Trek story, created and produced by Alex Kurtzman, in January 2017 on their subscription streaming service CBS All Access. Subscriptions the to the service are $5.99/month. Will you boldly go where no one has gone before for that price? [Nerdist]

It Lives. If you have your hopes pinned on the Greatest American Hero reboot, don’t give up. Fox is giving Chris Miller and Phil Lord a second chance at bringing the series back with a pilot production commitment. It doesn’t mean a return for the ’80s television show is a done deal, but it is a step in the right direction. [Nerdist]

A Well-Dressed Foe? Once Upon a Time has cast “The Distinguished Gentleman” for the back half of Season 5. Greg Germann will step into the recurring role. From the casting call, we know he’s playing “a mysterious figure with god-like powers who is always clad in a perfectly tailored suit.” Could he be a dapper take on Hades? Or maybe another character from Disney’s Hercules? Germann will make his first appearance in the 12th episode of the season. [TVLine]

Battles and Love. BBC One’s take on the classic novel War & Peace will be released this year (U.S. residents will get to see it on A&E in 2016). The trailer for the adaptation shows an elegant world and a stellar cast. [Nerdist]

A Lady In Charge. Is there any such thing as too much Dracula? No. Syfy has ordered a 13-episode series from Neil LaBute that offers another spin on the familiar myth. Van Helsing will begin production in January and will focus on Vanessa Helsing, the daughter of the famous vampire hunter. She’ll take center stage as she tries to save humanity from a worldwide vampire takeover. [Nerdist]

What are your hopes for the new Star Trek series? Are you disappointed that Twin Peaks has been delayed? Talk to me in the comments.

Featured Image: ABC

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