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TV-Cap: THE WALKING DEAD Puts Zombies on a Plane, Gamora Origin Story, & More

Zombies, superheroes, wealthy English families — it’s just another day in the wide world of television. Read today’s TV-Cap to learn about The Walking Dead special with zombies on a plane (because I really wanted to worry about that on my next flight), to see an emotional trailer for the final season of Downton Abbey, and much more.

Sibling Rivalry. Being the adopted daughter of Thanos can’t be good for your development, and having to compete against your siblings constantly wouldn’t help either. Gamora rose above her upbringing though. Disney XD has released Gamora’s (Vanessa Marshall) origin story for the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series, and after watching it, you’ll be surprised she came out on the other side with any kind of compassion. The animated series premieres on September 5. [Nerdist]

Forceful Interference. The impending release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a big deal for anyone who is a fan of the saga, and that includes fictional characters. The Big Bang Theory crew are so into the galaxy far, far away that it wouldn’t make sense for them not to discuss the upcoming sequel. Series executive producer Steve Molaro says they have “some really cool ideas” about how the film will be woven into the show. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear The Force Awakens being mentioned in other series as well. [TVLine]

Zombies On a Plane. Every scary thing is worse when it’s unleashed on a plane, and that includes walkers. An upcoming The Walking Dead special from AMC will introduce a new Fear the Walking Dead character and show a plane forced to deal with an in-flight walker attack. AMC hasn’t confirmed the special, but it will reportedly take place during the same time period as the spinoff and someone who makes it out of the plane ordeal will appear in Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead. That all sounds awful and like it would do nothing to help those with a fear of flying. [Nerdist]

Saying Goodbye. The intense ups and downs of Downton Abbey are nearly at an end. The sixth and final season premieres on ITV on September 20 (we’ll probably get it in the U.S. on PBS beginning in January), and a trailer emphasizes the sadness. There are tiny rays of happiness, but this is Downton Abbey. I don’t expect them to last long. The world is changing, and the Crawleys have to face it, whether they’re ready to or not. [Nerdist]

Flash Around the World. We’ve established how I will reach out and grab any and all teases for The Flash with greedy hands, right? Right. That includes a 15-second international tease for Season 2 which is basically just a blue streak wrapping around the globe. I can’t help it, guys. Watch the tease on Facebook. [Comic Book Resources]

Add Another? The audience for American Horror Story just keeps growing, and to that end, series co-creator Ryan Murphy is considering doing two installments of the anthology in 2016. But before then, we’ll get American Horror Story: Hotel. Murphy spoke with Entertainment Weekly about Hotel, specifically about Lady Gaga’s character’s blood drinking tendencies (she’s not a vampire though) and whether Jessica Lange will return. Get the highlights right this way.

It Is a Cave. Though it’s not the Batcave yet, Bruce and Alfred have discovered a cave/lair/thing beneath Wayne Mansion in Gotham. A new promo teases entry to the hidden room — what Bruce finds in the cave will apparently have a big effect on the boy in Season 2. [Comic Book Resources]

Trustworthy. Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels will return with new episodes on October 14, and it will bring familiar faces for fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Ahsoka Tano is sending the crew of the Ghost to look for a friend, that friend being Captain Rex. Awww, yiss. Meanwhile, the above promo shows that she’s off to look for answers about the Sith Lord they encountered. Do you think Ahsoka knows Darth Vader is actually Anakin Skywalker? [Nerdist]

Because we’re getting closer to fall premieres, which new or returning series are you most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments.

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