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TV-Cap: THE FLASH Is Tackling Flashpoint

After the season two finale of The Flash set up a couple possible events, the producers have finally announced which direction they’ll be taking the show. It’s kind of a big deal. Read about that direction in today’s TV-Cap and get more info on Sunday’s epic episode of Game of Thrones, see a Westworld teaser, find out about a new Ghostbusters TV series, and more.

They’re Doing It. Grant Gustin learned the title of the premiere episode of season three of The Flash, and he twisted series producer Greg Berlanti’s arm so he could share it. It’s Flashpoint! Fans suspected the twist after Barry’s latest trip through time in the season two finale, but Gustin cautions not to get cocky—they’re doing the story their own, new way. No word on if the Flashpoint story will carry the whole season, but I’m guessing so. [Nerdist]

MJ’s Life. Tavis Smiley’s Before You Judge Me: The Triumph and Tragedy of Michael Jackson’s Last Days is arriving on shelves today, June 21, and focuses on Michael Jackson… as you likely guessed from the title, because you’re smart. And J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions will be adapting the book as an event series. They’ll be working with Warner Bros. to do so, but they haven’t found a network for the series just yet. [Nerdist]

You Can’t Do That. If you watched Netflix’s Jessica Jones (and you should if you haven’t), you know that the series pushed boundaries. However, they did have limits. Series showrunner Melissa Rosenberg talked to The Hollywood Reporter and said Marvel let them push the rating but wouldn’t allow any use of the word “fuck.” But, like Rosenberg added, Jessica sort of implied it. “But what’s funny is that people said, ‘Wait — she didn’t say fuck? I could have sworn she did!’ Ritter can deliver ‘fuck’ with her face. Her look says it! She can be saying ‘potato,'” she said. Potato is my new favorite curse word. Watch the entire interview above. [Comic Book Resources]

Jumping Ahead. Will the Ghostbusters still be busting ghosts in the year 2050? They will be according to the new animated series Ghostbusters: Ecto Force. Sony Animation is developing the title about the next generation of fighters and aiming for an early 2018 premiere. Learn more at Nerdist.

Say It Isn’t So. Netflix has several shows from The CW, but they don’t make the network’s most recent seasons available until after their shows’ new seasons premiere. Hulu has several shows from The CW, too, and they have the most recent five episodes so you can catch up throughout the season. But, those days are almost over. According to Variety, Netflix and The CW are working on a deal as Hulu and The CW part ways. will have in-season streaming, but if you’ve ever tried that platform, you know it isn’t as friendly as Hulu. Rats. None of this is confirmed at the moment, so we’ll see if it goes another way. [Variety]

Everything Under the Sun. What is reality? HBO’s Westworld is asking that. The teaser for the fascinating-looking series features the Old West, robots, Anthony Hopkins, and all sorts of weirdness. I cannot wait for this show. Westworld premieres in October 2016. [Nerdist]

It’s Game of Thrones from here on out. Just so you know.

Let’s Dive Deep. Game of Thrones’ “Battle of the Bastards” had a huge amount of action, blood, guts, etc, and with all that, it was easy to miss the little things. Jessica Chobot runs down six things you might have missed in the episode in the latest Nerdist News. [Nerdist]

Up Close Action. The fight between Ramsay Bolton’s and Jon Snow’s forces marked the first pitched battle in Game of Thrones. The nature of the skirmish meant different filming techniques had to be considered. It’s all broken down in the above behind the scenes video. [Nerdist]

What sort of spin do you think The Flash will put on the Flashpoint story? Let me know your theories in the comments.

Featured Image: The CW

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