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TV-Cap: SUPERGIRL Photos Feature Jemm, MST3K Turkey Day Plans, and More

Friday is the best and not simply because it’s Friday. Today’s TV-Cap has news about a series from Fox with the phrase “rogue demonologist” in the description. How fabulous is that? Keep reading to learn about Haunted, to see photos of Jemm—Son of Saturn—in Supergirl, to find out where to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Thanksgiving, and more.

A Saturn Visitor. The DEO has an interesting alien escapee in Supergirl. Well, let’s be honest. Most of their captives are interesting. Based on photos from an upcoming episode, Jemm, Son of Saturn (Charles Halford), isn’t a happy camper. I wouldn’t want to make someone that powerful angry. See more photos from “Human for a Day” at Comic Book Resources. [Images: CBS]

Rogue Demonologist (Really). Prepare to maybe be scared. Fox has put in a script order for a new horror series called Haunted. It will be based on The Demon of Brownsville Road by Bob Cramner and follows a military agent who works with her ex-boyfriend–the rogue demonologist–to help a family fight a demonic infestation of their home. It’s a true story of an actual haunted house in the United States. Staying in one location for an entire season could be tricky, but there are ways around it. [TVLine]

Complications. Apparently the theme of this season of Arrow is that everyone we thought was dead is alive. That includes Diggle’s brother Andy. The most recent episode featured a shaky reunion between the siblings because of course there were complications. Read Sydney’s recap of “Brotherhood.”

New Names. Lena Dunham’s comedy pilot for HBO has gained a couple of interesting names. Max, a show set in 1963 about second-wave feminism, stars Zoe Kazan as Maxine Woodruff. She’ll be joined by Cary Elwes (Ken Reece) and Mary Birdsong (Sue). [Deadline]

Yaaas, Queen. The trailer for Season 2 of Transparent is finally here, and it is overflowing with laughs, hardship, and heartwarming moments. The Amazon drama starring Jeffrey Tambor will return on December 11 and kick off with a wedding. [Deadline]

Going to Camp. Freeform, soon to be formerly known as ABC Family, has ordered a new horror series from the creators of Once Upon a Time. Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis will run Dead of Summer along with Ian Goldberg. It’s the network’s first ever horror series, and it’s about what happens when summer camp goes wrong. The location of the summer camp has an ancient mythology that’s awakened during camp. It sounds like it will be more supernatural rather than hack and slash. [Entertainment Weekly]

Social Media Death. ABC has picked up another comic book-inspired story for development. They’re moving forward with Vertigo’s Unfollow by writer Rob Williams and artist Michael Dowling. The story is about 140 people who are left a fortune by dying social media mogul, but they can increase the amount of money they get by eliminating each other before the mogul dies. Michael Narducci is on board as writer for the TV adaptation. [Nerdist, Image: Vertigo]

All About Family. Sabine ran into someone from her past in the newest episode of Star Wars Rebels. The introduction of Ketsu Onyo (Gina Torres) gave us more information about Sabine’s history. Read my review of “Blood Sisters” right this way.

Filling the Gaps. The events of Heroes Reborn have provided plenty of clues and some answers about what happened in the world since Heroes, but what about an up close and personal look? There are books for that. An ebook and audiobook series launching today, November 20, will cover what happened in between the two series and answer questions about the Heroes universe. The first ebook, Brave New World, is free to download on Amazon today and it’s a novelization of Tim Kring’s original script for Heroes Reborn. Future books by authors such as Timothy Zahn and Kevin J. Anderson focus on different characters–including one all about Claire Bennet.

Prepare to Marathon. The MST3K Turkey Day tradition continues this year on Thanksgiving day, November 26. Beginning at 12:00pm ET/9:00am PT, Mystery Science Theater 3000 creator Joel Hodgson will showcase six episodes of the series. The live marathon will be presented by Shout! Factory and streamed at and through these devices. The exact episodes that will be shown haven’t been announced just yet. [A.V. Club, Image: Shout! Factory]

Serious question: what are you planning to marathon over Thanksgiving weekend? Leave comments or come talk to me on Twitter—I need recommendations.

Featured Image: CBS

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