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TV-Cap: SUPERGIRL Fights Red Tornado, Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler to Host SNL, and More

If you’ve been tuning into TV-Cap for a while, you know how I feel about crazy things like Grodd on The Flash. The gargantuan gorilla returned to the series in the most recent episode, and it blows my mind that we’re seeing a live-action Grodd on television—I can’t get over it. That excitement doesn’t have a lot to do with today’s TV-Cap; I just had to share. Keep reading for tons of cool stuff though including a promo featuring Supergirl and Red Tornado, news about a Saturday Night Live Christmas miracle, word on where you can stream Pushing Daisies, and more.

Owning It. Kara has been finding her way since Season 1 of Supergirl began, and she’s already become stronger and more confident. Her skills are cut into a montage in the above promo that shows her facing off against Red Tornado. Due to the Paris attacks, the schedule was shuffled and Red Tornado’s debut in “Red Faced” is at least a week out (“How Does She Do It” will be airing on November 23). [Comic Book Resources]

Therapy for Dreamers. John Krasinski, Stephen Merchant, and Allyson Seeger have a new project with Adult Swim. The company has given the go-ahead to Dream Corp, LLC. The animated series is by creator Daniel Stessen and centers on Dr. Roberts (Jon Gries) and his team of analysts at “a neglected dream-therapy facility.” They still treat patients at the facility. And yes, as you’d expect with the Adult Swim association, it’s a comedy. [Vulture]

You’ll Crave Pie. If you’ve never enjoyed Bryan Fuller’s delightful-as-hell series Pushing Daisies, you should consider remedying that. The CW Seed is going to make catching up easier. Their Roku app will feature all 22 episodes of the supernatural series starring Lee Pace as Ned the pie-maker, and it will stream exclusively on the digital platform for two weeks. [A.V. Club]

A Warm Gathering. Doesn’t anyone get together and sing holiday songs at Christmas anymore? I’ve never been to one of those gatherings, but I think they happen, right? It looks like there will be some of that in Netflix’s A Very Murray Christmas. I’m utterly charmed by the above trailer and can’t wait for December 4th to arrive so I can watch it. [Nerdist]

Magical Pairings. What’s better than one host for Saturday Night Live? Two hosts! They’ll end 2015 with the dazzling duo of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosting on December 19 with musical guest Bruce Springsteen. Well played, SNL, well played. [Entertainment Weekly]

Musical Fight. Dave Grohl and The Muppets go way back, and they’ll be crossing paths again in the December 1 episode of The Muppets. Grohl will challenge Animal to a drum-off. Yeah, that’s a bold move (my money’s on Animal). [Nerdist]

In Prison. Natalie Dormer is making the publicity rounds to promote the release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 and she stopped by The Late, Late Show on Monday. While she was there, James Corden asked about Game of Thrones (Ty Burrell helped), but Dormer’s a seasoned veteran–she didn’t give anything away. She did utter one sentence that’s as vague as vague can be: “Cersei is the least of Margaery’s problems. She’s got bigger problems this season.” Maybe that trial ahead doesn’t go so well? [Uproxx]

It Could Happen. Will there be a third season of True Detective? It’s at least a possibility. I admit I’m not caught up on the series, but I didn’t hear amazing things about Season 2. Creator Nic Pizzolatto has signed a new deal with HBO (it stretches into 2018), but Pizzolatto hasn’t committed to a third season yet even as HBO has reportedly given him options to change up how the show is run in hopes of making the next time around better. Do you want to see more? [io9]

Jimmy’s Struggles. Jimmy McGill will return to struggling to find the right path in AMC’s Better Call Saul on February 15, 2016. Season 2 will return on that date and Jonathan Banks will be back too. [Slashfilm]

Pick Your Poison. Marvel’s Netflix series are in-universe and connected, and a new peek at Jessica Jones shows a tie between Luke Cage and Daredevil. Luke is the new owner of Josie’s, the go-to bar for Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson, and Karen Page. That opens the door for a guest appearance, eh? Is it Friday yet? Because the November 20 premiere of Jessica Jones can’t get here quickly enough. [Nerdist]

What do you think Natalie Dormer’s hint about Game of Thrones means? Let me know in the comments.

Featured Image: CBS

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