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TV-Cap: STAR WARS REBELS Season 2 Premiere Date, Katana Suits Up in ARROW Promo, & More

Happy Friday, everyone! Or should I say Happy Avengers: Age of Ultron Day and day before Free Comic Book Day? I’ve planned this weekend carefully so that I can see Age of Ultron late tonight, go to bed, and then wake up and go right to my local comic book shop. And then? I’m going to finish Daredevil. I am way too excited about this. After you read today’s TV-Cap and see Katana in costume on Arrow, learn about the Season 2 premiere of Star Wars Rebels, and find out about a new cast member for Fear the Walking Dead, jump to the comments and tell me about your weekend agenda.

Surrender or Die. Arrow has certainly taken an interesting turn this season. Ra’s al Ghul has played Oliver Queen like a piano, and now Oliver Queen is someone else. Something else. As in, not Arrow. A teaser for next week’s episode, “This Is Your Sword,” shows a less than happy wedding and provides the first look at Rila Fukushima as Katana. Yep. [Comic Book Resources]

Being Brainwashed. And speaking of Oliver, things went completely to hell on this week’s Arrow. Ra’s al Ghul has dug in his claws and used some fancy herbs to trick Oliver, sorry, Al Sah-Him, into doing his bidding. I can’t wrap my head around this latest twist, but reading Kyle’s review of the episode is helping me at least make sense of it.

Kanan vs. Darth Vader. When we last saw the crew of the Ghost in the Season 1 finale of Star Wars Rebels, they’d just learned about the bigger picture and the existence of other rebel cells. Yeah, it’s a big deal. Season 2 will explore that new avenue as well as pit the group against new enemies. The season will premiere with a one-hour movie event called Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal on Saturday, June 20. I saw the episodes at Star Wars Celebration, and trust me, you don’t want to miss them. Subsequent episodes of Season 2 will pick back up in the fall.

Breaking Down Castor. The first few installments of Season 3 of Orphan Black have done nothing to make me feel better about the clones of Project Castor. They pretty much all get under my skin. Our own Alicia Lutes talked to Ari Millen about the relationship between the Castor clones, the whole Seth shooting, and more. Go read the interview now.

Drugs, Rock, and Roll. Prepare to take a trip back to 1967 later this month with NBC’s Aquarius. The drama set in Los Angeles stars David Duchovny (Sam Hodiak) and Grey Damon (Brian Shafe) as they investigate the case of a missing girl that leads them to to Gethin Anthony’s Charles Manson. NBC is taking a non-traditional approach to the release; they’ll put all 13 episodes of the first season up on after the two-hour premiere episode airs on May 28. I can’t help but wonder if this will become the new normal. [TV Insider and TVLine]

Going Back to Their Roots. The remakes and reboots and re-everything will never stop, will they? We all need to make peace with it. Roots is on the redoing it block this time around. A&E has announced they’ll be releasing another take on the 1970s miniseries, and it will air on History, A&E, and Lifetime simultaneously in 2016. LeVar Burton is on board as the executive producer. A&E isn’t stopping there. They’ve picked up an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, too. Leave some classics for everyone else, A&E! [Vulture]

Causing Trouble. Dear fans of American Horror Story: If you’re not already following Ryan Murphy on Twitter, please go do so. I don’t know how many casting announcements are left for American Horror Story: Hotel, but he keeps dropping the news in 140 characters or less. This time around, he’s confirmed Angela Bassett will be back and checking into Hotel. [Deadline]

Prison to Zombies. Which is a better option: Staying in prison or fighting zombies? Actually, would a prison be a good place to go in case of a zombie attack? I might need to update my zombie survival plan. That plan already includes watching The Walking Dead spinoff Fear the Walking Dead to see what happens when a zombie outbreak comes to the world, and the series has just added Orange is the New Black’s Elizabeth Rodriguez. [Comic Book Resources]

Will you be binge-watching Aquarius? Will you be tuning in at all? Let me know in the comments.

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