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TV-Cap: STAR TREK Series to Begin Filming This Fall

The fallout from the end of Sunday’s Game of Thrones is still raining down. The twist, while not unexpected, was a game changer. And today’s TV-Cap has all sorts of commentary on the event—including some comments from Kit Harington himself—as well as news about the upcoming Star Trek series and a new adversary for Oliver for season five of Arrow.

Engage! The new Star Trek television series—you know, the one being executive produced by Bryan Fuller?—has set course for the final frontier. In this case, the final frontier is Toronto. The show that will air on CBS All Access is set to begin filming this fall. [Deadline]

You read to dive into some Game of Thrones awesomeness? Here we go! Beware spoilers.

Under Wraps. Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington can finally breathe a sigh of relief because he no longer has to lie about the status of Jon Snow. He apologizes for that in the brief video from Entertainment Weekly embedded above. The magazine’s next cover story is all about Jon Snow and the two-year plan to kill him and bring him back. Whew. [Nerdist]

Discussion Is Coming. When major business goes down in Westeros, you can count on All Kings Considered to discuss it in-depth. They have their work cut out of them thanks to the events of “Home.” [Nerdist]

Is It All Happening? It’s not enough that stuff went down in the episode of Game of Thrones. Nope. They also teased something huge for the next installment. Something JOYful, as in the Tower of Joy. What’s that all about? Watch the above video and be prepared to lose your mind. [Nerdist]

Clever Museum. The J. Paul Getty Museum is making Game of Thrones work for them and for education. Every Monday, they’re taking to Tumblr to recap the latest episode with real medieval art. Pretty neat, huh? [The A.V. Club]

No Rest for the Wicked. Presuming Team Arrow handles the Damien Darhk problem this season, Oliver and co. will need a new foe in season five. It appears Arrow is casting for one. They’re adding a series regular role named James, a man on a mission to avenge a lost from the past. He’s a charming contemporary of Oliver’s who could shake your hand or break your neck. Hmm. [TVLine]

Straightforward. What’s going to happen in season two of Scream? MTV isn’t afraid to tell you: They’re all going to die. The horror series returns on May 30. [Comic Book Resources]

They’re Going There. Hulu is adapting Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale into a series. They’ve given it a straight to series order and have signed on Elisabeth Moss to take the lead. She’ll play Offred, a complicated female protagonist who’s trying to stick it to the man in a patriarchal, dystopian society. Color me intrigued. [Indie Wire]

Confused Identity. Gotham has brought Theo Galavan back, but it didn’t go so well for him. At all. Monday’s episode explored his situation. Read Sydney’s recap of “Azrael.”

How do you feel reading all these follow-ups about Jon Snow? Do you feel at all bad for the cast who had to watch what they said forever?

Featured Image: Paramount

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