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Kit Harington Talks Last Night’s GAME OF THRONES

Warning: If you’ve somehow managed to avoid the big spoiler from this week’s Game of Thrones for this long, don’t read ahead!

Well, nobody saw that coming!

Well, no, actually everyone that watches Game of Thrones and/or has read A Song of Ice and Fire saw that coming. That being the fact that Jon Snow is back from the dead. But even if we did know it was going to happen, Jon f***ing Snow is back, baby! Which means everyone involved with the show can stop pretending and lying as though it wasn’t really going to happen! And that includes the formerly deceased Lord Commander himself, Kit Harington.

Harington spoke with Entertainment Weekly about last night’s (freaking awesome) episode, and how he was asked by the show’s producers to keep up the lie and essentially perform offscreen ever since Jon Snow was killed onscreen. The full article has yet to be released, but the exclusive was in the works long before last night’s stunning final scene, as the cover with Harington (blaring “He’s Alive!”) also says, “Inside the top secret, two year plan to kill Jon Snow—and bring him back to life.”

Also note how HBO kept the news from President Obama himself. They really went to great lengths to keep the world’s worst secret.


In this brief glimpse at the larger story to come, Harington, who said he is sorry for having been forced to lie to people for the last 10 months, did express relief that people even cared in the first place that Jon Snow died, rather than just shrugging their shoulders and moving on (the way you monsters did with Stannis!).

You know nothing, Kit Harington. Of course we cared. There is a war coming between the living and the dead, and you seem to be the only person in the Seven Kingdoms that’s worrying about it.

We’ll keep checking in to see what else Harington had to say, but in the meantime jump into our comments section below to tell us what you think of Jon Snow’s return from the dead.

Did Game of Thrones just confirm the ultimate fan theory?

Featured Image: HBO
Cover Image: EW

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