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TV-Cap: SHERLOCK Special Goes Victorian, AMERICAN HORROR STORY Cast Changes, & More

Raise your hand if you went to any panels at PaleyFest last week. Shows such as Outlander, Jane the Virgin, Arrow, and The Flash were part of the schedule, and cast and execs shared stories and hints about what’s ahead both at the panels and on the press line. You can catch up on some of the most memorable moments at Yahoo! Screen (they live-streamed each panel), and we have trailers from the PaleyFest Arrow and The Flash appearances below. Watch those and get caught up on casting news for American Horror Story, learn about the setting for the Sherlock Christmas special, and more.

Ra’s al Ghul Is Coming. Forget about winter. Ra’s al Ghul is coming. A new Arrow trailer was released for PaleyFest, and the sizzle reel is packed with a lot of WHOA kind of moments. It hints at Ra’s al Ghul’s arrival to Starling City, a couple of people learning Arrow’s identity, Captain Lance turning a 180, and more. So much to process! [CBR]

A Different Queen of Darkness. The most recent episode of Once Upon a Time saw Regina go undercover and infiltrate the Queens of Darkness. She’s trying to learn what they’re really up to, and it is oh so wonderful to watch Regina being evil again. No one spits out insults like Lana Parrilla. But will she be tempted back to the dark side? Read Samantha’s recap of “Enter the Dragon” and let me know whether you think Regina embrace evil again.

The Cast You Know. HBO is filling out the cast for the pilot of their Salem witch trials focused drama The Devil You Know. They’ve added over a dozen series regulars and recurring roles (combined). Karen Gillan is one of the series regulars, and she’s set to play Jane Porter. Production is scheduled to start in Boston this spring. You can read the full list of cast additions at Deadline.

Going Sort of Zombie. iZombie premieres tonight on The CW. Rose McIver plays Olivia “Liv” Moore, an ambitious medical student turned functional zombie. Naturally. The series based on the comics by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred isn’t your average take on the zombie genre, and McIver talked about playing this kind of zombie during a set visit last fall. Read about her transformation here at Nerdist.

Chased By the Past. The Flash also showed off a new sizzle reel at PaleyFest, and things are amping up. The two minutes of footage show some adorable moments in an Arrow crossover, some dangerous threats to Central City (the Trickster! Gorilla Grodd!), Barry and Iris’s relationship, a change in Eddie’s personality, and a whole lot of Reverse Flash. Yikes. [CBR]

Checking In and Out. Change is the only thing that stays the same. I think that’s the saying. And change is ahead for American Horror Story. Jessica Lange appeared on the PaleyFest panel for the show and said she’s not returning for Season 5, American Horror Story: Hotel. At the same panel, it was announced that Matt Bomer (White Collar) and Cheyenne Jackson (30 Rock) will be checking into the next season. [TVLine]

Sherlock Goes Timey-Wimey. The first-ever Sherlock Christmas special is traveling to a different era. It’s set in Victorian London and as co-creator Steven Moffat told Entertainment Weekly, “The special is its own thing.” It’s separate from the show’s continuity, and Moffat said it’s Victorian (and that was hard to keep under wraps since photos of the actors showed them in period clothing). I sort of want the Doctor to show up and take Sherlock and John back in time. [Nerdist]

Which parts of The Flash and Arrow trailers have you freaking out the most? Tell me in the comments.

Featured image via Vulture/Splashnews.

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