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That SHERLOCK Special Will Somehow Take Place in Victorian England

What is this timey-wimey business all up in our Sherlock? Steven Moffat, did you forget this wasn’t Doctor Who? What other way could make it so that our beloved Sherlock‘s first-ever special takes place in Victorian London even though the series is set in modern day? Because this special is going to be something truly different, if the Moff’s words have any say in the matter (and they really really do).

According to the folks over at Entertainment Weekly who nabbed the scoop, “The special is its own thing.” Which is to say, it takes place in an entirely different time period. But if you were expecting and hoping for anything other than vagaries, get ready to be sorely disappointed.

“We wouldn’t have done the story we’re doing, and the way we’re doing it, if we didn’t have this special,” the series’ co-creator explained. Apparently, there is something afoot at 221B — something so bizarrely out of character that the special is a standalone all its own. Say whaaaaat?

“It’s not part of the run of three episodes,” Moffat said.

But it does sound like it’s something peculiar with a purpose — perhaps the boys share a fever dream? Or! Maybe they’re drugged and imagining it all. Or — dream amongst dreams for any British obsessive — The Doctor and Sherlock will finally cross paths! I mean, just look at how vague and bizarre-sounding this quote is: “So we had this to do it … it’s Victorian. [Co-creator Mark Gatiss] and me, we wanted to do this, but it had to be a special, it had to be separate entity on its own. It’s kind of in its own little bubble.” Could a string of words tell us any less?

Needless to say, we’re just going to sit here, not so patiently, waiting for more answers. The special is expected to hit the U.K. in December (because it was originally thought to be a Christmas episode), though none of that is set in stone.

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  1. PaladinPool619 says:

    Not a fan of this show anyway (I think Elementary is much more entertaining) but he better not wear the stupid fucking hat through the whole episode. Holmes is described wearing that hat maybe twice in the books. I hate that hat. 

  2. Henrik says:

    Moffat did an excellent modern day Dr Jekyll series called Jekyll.  One episode bizarrely started in Victorian England with Mark Gaiss playing Robert Louis Stevenson. This six part mini-series is well worth seeing.

  3. Colleen lang says:

    The original Sherlock Holmes stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle took place in Victorian England. Its not that off the mark, considering all of the episodes have had a basis in the original stories.