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TV-Cap: See Images from the GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Finale

It’s only Thursday, but all I can think about is how I wish Sunday would hurry up and arrive so I can watch the Game of Thrones season six finale. Then I’ll be sad that I have to wait almost another year to see more. It’s a vicious cycle. See pictures from the finale in today’s TV-Cap along with looking at Outlander’s Brianna and Roger, learning about Gotham’s new Poison Ivy, and more.

Winter Is Coming. Well, “The Winds of Winter” are coming in the Game of Thrones season six finale. HBO has kept pretty mum on the contents of the episode, but photos show we’ll be visiting with more characters than I thought: Bran, Daenerys, and Davos, for example. I thought we’d be sticking to King’s Landing, but what do I know? Get Alicia’s complete thoughts on the images and see more pics here at Nerdist. [Images: HBO]

While We’re in Westeros… Need to put the sounds of Game of Thrones’ sixth season into your ear holes immediately? You can stream the soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi on Pandora right meow. [Nerdist]

Raise a Glass. Penny Dreadful came to an end with its season three finale. The fact that it was the series finale wasn’t announced until after the episode is over, which is an interesting tactic. Fans are mourning the end of the series, and our very own Eric Diaz has some thoughts about the magnificence of the Showtime series. Read his thoughts on Penny Dreadful right this way.

We’ve Been Waiting! Fans of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books have been drooling over the introduction of two key characters: Brianna Randall and Roger Wakefield. Okay, I’ve been drooling. Played by Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin in the Starz series, the duo will debut in the season two finale of Outlander. Just look at this first image of them! I refuse to give away details about who they are in order not to spoil those who haven’t read the books. [Entertainment Weekly, Image: Starz]

Yep. I know. You’ve been needing a fake Romanian cop show set in the 1980s in your life. Thankfully, Channing Tatum’s Free Association and A24 are bringing it to you in the form of a comedy series called Iron Fisting. According to Deadline, “It follows the exploits of two mismatched buddy cops as they seek to protect Communism and comrades from the evils of Capitalism.” They’re filming a full season and then shopping the show to US networks. [Deadline]

Stop the Music. HBO had already renewed Vinyl for a second season, but now they’ve changed their mind. The rock & roll drama will not return with more episodes. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Thank You. Golden Girls has inspired me in many ways. I can’t say those ways have included the kitchen or food, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t go to the Golden Girls pop-up restaurant given the chance. The eatery, Rue La Rue Cafe, is opening in Northern Manhattan and will be themed to the max. Read more at Nerdist.

Spoilers for season four of Arrow are ahead.

In Memoriam. Laurel Lance’s Black Canary alter ego was revealed to the public after her death in Arrow. Production art for season five shared by series executive producer Marc Guggenheim reveals Star City will celebrate her heroism with a new statue. I wonder if temporary mayor Oliver Queen helped push this through. [Marc Guggenheim]

Somewhat Grown Up. Remember how we mentioned Gotham was recasting the role of Poison Ivy in order to age the character? The Fox series has found its new villain. Maggie Geha will take on the role of the 19 year old villain. [Comic Book Resources]

Homework Assignment. There are some theories about what could happen with wildfire in the season six finale of Game of Thrones, so you should probably learn more about its history, right? Right. Michael has you covered with his latest installment of History of Thrones.

Please share all your theories about the Game of Thrones season six finale in the comments.

Featured Image: HBO

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