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TV-Cap: See GOTHAM’S Dr. Strange, THE FLASH’S Killer Frost Poster, and More

Gotham has piled on the villains in season two, and Mr. Freeze and Dr. Hugo Strange are two of the latest additions. They’ll be thorns in Jim Gordon’s side when the series returns from its midseason break. Keep reading today’s TV-Cap to see a trailer showing off B.D. Wong as Dr. Strange, to learn about which series Syfy has renewed, to get a look at The Flash’s take on Killer Frost, and more.

Feeling Blue. Killer Frost was teased in season one of The Flash, and thanks to the presence of Earth-2, they’ve found a way to incorporate the icy foe into the story. This art shows off Danielle Panabaker’s chilly countenance as Caitlin Snow’s Earth-2 doppelganger. [Screen Crush, Image: The CW]

Why Wait? truTV’s first scripted comedy is going to premiere on Thursday, February 11, but you don’t have to wait until then. The first two episodes of Those Who Can’t—a half-hour show about three trouble-making teachers—are available to stream online right this very second. Arrested Development’s Dean Lorey is serving as showrunner and executive producer. Go watch.

Go Ahead, Get Attached. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes hold myself back from getting attached to a TV series until it’s renewed for more than one season. If you experience the same, know you can now fully embrace The Magicians. Syfy has renewed the series based on Lev Grossman’s books for a 13-episode second season; it will premiere in 2017. [TV Fanatic]

Father and Daughter. The next episode of Arrow puts the emphasis on family. “Sins of the Father” sees Nyssa try to leverage having a cure for Thea in order to get what she wants from Malcolm Merlyn. This dramatic poster hints at the trouble ahead. [, Image: The CW]

The Past and Present. Let’s make it weird in here. The X-Files miniseries is chugging along with varying amounts of success. The most recent episode put the emphasis on Mulder and Scully’s connection. Read Michael’s recap of “Home Again.” Then, jump to the past to read about the work writers Glen Morgan and James Wong did on the original run of The X-Files.

Nothing’s Changed. When you heard about the upcoming The Vampire Diaries and The Originals crossover (it’s airing on February 26), you probably thought you’d see Stefan and Klaus toss back drinks together. And you’d be right. Photos from the episode show them catching up over bourbon. [TVLine, Images: The CW]

Vampire Love. If you celebrate Valentine’s Day, you’re probably in the plan-forming stage for the holiday. As with any special day, I encourage staying home and marathoning movies or TV episodes that fit the occasion. Given that, I recommend Pivot’s 13-episode Buffy the Vampire Slayer Valentine’s Day marathon. For reasons. [Nerdist]

Costume Evolution. Netflix’s Daredevil introduced a different version of the superhero’s costume. It definitely has comic book ties, but it stands on its own, too. Concept artist Josh Nizzi has shared a couple of designs for a Daredevil costume that are reportedly being considered for season two, which premieres on Netflix on March 18. [Comic Book Resources, Images: Josh Nizzi]

On an Epic Scale. The second half of season six of AMC’s The Walking Dead will drop on February 14, and we talked to executive producer Scott Gimple about what fans could expect to see. He discussed the record-breaking amount of makeup and special effects in the midseason premiere and teased the new characters. Read the complete interview right this way.

It’s Getting Bad. Jim Gordon takes the role of Captain Obvious in the latest trailer for Gotham. The show comes back from its season two winter break on February 29, and it will have to deal with Mr. Freeze and Dr. Hugo Strange. The tease reveals both villains, and yes, that it is B.D. Wong as Dr. Strange. [Nerdist, Images: Fox, DC Comics]

Will you be tuning into The Flash to see their trip to Earth-2? Head to the comments and let me know what you hope the journey will bring.


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