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TV-Cap: Sandman and Sgt. Rock Teased for LEGENDS OF TOMORROW and More

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow isn’t holding back. All of the DC series have easter egg potential, but perhaps none more than Legends. Rip Hunter has traveled all over time, and set decor hints at people and heroes he’s encountered along the way. We have the latest Legends teases in today’s TV-Cap, as well as updates to the cast of the Twin Peaks revival, a Gotham motion comic, a Doctor Who recipe, and more.

Hello, Mr. Freeze. Fox’s Gotham is on its midseason break until February 29, but they’re keeping the villainous antics alive every week until then with a new motion comic. The first installment shows Penguin trying to organize his nefarious allies when an icy adversary comes through the door. A short version of the motion comics will air during The X-Files each week, while full versions will appear on IGN. [IGN]

Finally. I can’t count all the types of holiday specials that have taken chunks out of the TV schedule. Christmas-themed episodes, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, you name it. But not Chinese New Year… until now. ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat will feature the holiday for the first time on network television on Tuesday, February 2. Showrunner Nahnatchka Khan said it was important to her to bring Chinese New Year into the story, and she hopes it will encourage viewers to learn more about the holiday. [Variety]

It’s Baaack! After way too long away, The Venture Bros. has returned. Yay! The episode featured the Venture family picking up and heading to New York to enjoy their new cash dollars. Read Blair’s recap of the season six premiere.

Moisturize It! The Super Bowl will take place on February 7, and for me, that means it’s all about eating snacks. Why not make ’em nerdy this year? Kristin of SuperSpaceChick turned nacho dip into Cassandra from Doctor Who, and it’s perfect and easy. [Nerdist, Image: SuperSpaceChick]

Unlocking Content. Hulu’s 11.22.63, an adaptation of a book by Stephen King, premieres on February 15. To help build excitement, Hulu is planting clues in the form of tiles on its Instagram feed. You can decode the images by taking a screenshot and applying an Instagram filter. Then, you take the code to Hulu to get exclusive video content like interviews with King, J.J. Abrams, and more. See the tiles as they’re revealed on Instagram.

More Players. As ever, details about the Twin Peaks revival are under the tightest of wraps. However, two new actors are reportedly boarding Showtime’s new series: Naomi Watts, who starred in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, and Tom Sizemore. [Nerdist]

SOMEbody is going to get a CGI face soon…. 😉

A photo posted by keikoagena (@keikoagena) on

Is She a Wesen? Keiko Agena—you know, Lane from Gilmore Girls—is popping into Grimm for a guest starring role. According to TVLine, she’ll be playing “Madoka Akagi, a second-generation Japanese-American woman who loses her teenage son, Kuma, in a devastating tragedy that her husband believes is no accident.” Agena has been sharing photos from the Grimm set at Instagram and though the pic with motion capture dots doesn’t mention Grimm, I’m guessing that maaaaybe she’s a Wesen. She’ll be in the 17th episode of the season. [TVLine, Image: Keiko Agena]

Investigation Adaptation. Spike TV is working with The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd to add another scripted series to its schedule. They’re adapting the Relic and Cabinet of Curiosities books by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child; the TV series will be called Pendergast and will be set in present day New York City. The lead character, also named Pendergast, is an FBI agent looking into a crime with ties to an old mystery. [The Hollywood Reporter]

So Many Clues. DC Comics has already teased Red Tornado’s helmet and Hourman’s hourglass for Legends of Tomorrow on Instagram, but they’ve added two more clues to their feed. You have to screenshot them and apply a filter (apparently that’s the new thing) to uncover the details, but if that’s too much work for you, know these new images are tied to Golden Age Sandman and Sgt. Rock. Keep an eye out for all these artifacts on Rip Hunter’s ship, Waverider. [Comic Book Resources, Images: DC Comics]

Get Animated. Like gifs and TV? Me too! I’m rounding up some of my favorite and most useful gifs from television each week. The most recent installment includes Kara from Supergirl being adorkable, Professor Stein from Legends of Tomorrow being shocked, and more. Go download them and use them well.

What do you think about the Gotham motion comic and/or the new additions to Twin Peaks? Jump to the comments and let me know.


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