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TV-Cap: POWERS Season 2 Photos, a LOST Concert, and More

Let’s be real. You’re probably not dropping by to hear me ramble about anything other than television news, so let’s get to it. Read today’s TV-Cap to find out about a Lost concert, to see photos from season two of Powers, to learn about how a Punisher scene in Daredevil referenced the comic book source material, and more.

Solving a Big Crime. “Who Killed Retro Girl?” is the story from the Powers comic that will fuel season two of the Sony PlayStation series. Photos from the season show newcomers and familiar faces, and familiar faces suiting up. See more photos from the next season here at Nerdist. [Images: Sony PlayStation]

An Old Pal. Remember how Jonah Hex is coming to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow? Johnathon Schaech will appear as the character in the April 14 episode of the series. Synopsis details reveal they’ll run into him when Rip plots a path for the Old West to hide. They accidentally start a gang war with outlaws, though. Oops. Luckily for them, Jonah is an old friend of Rip’s and he’s ready to give them an assist. [Comic Book Resources]

Opening the Mystery Box. The Showtime revival of Twin Peaks is shrouded in mystery. That’s a dramatic way of saying they’re not letting any information leak. I don’t blame them! However, Showtime president David Nevins talked to the Bloomberg podcast and mentioned they might drop the show in a unique way but not in a dump it all Netflix style release. He said, “When we put Twin Peaks out, maybe it’ll be fun not to do just one a week, but to do it in a different way.” [Nerdist]

Making the White Walkers. HBO’s Game of Thrones definitely has some particular requirements when it comes to the prosthetics department. In a new making-of video, prosthetic designer Barrie Gower discussing coming up with the look for the White Walkers and others. Game of Thrones will be back with new episodes on April 24. [Nerdist]

And Found. Lost composer Michael Giacchino dropped some big news this week. He’s been trying to make a Lost concert happen for ages, and it’s finally coming together. A Lost concert will take place in Los Angeles before the end of the year—no smoke monsters, just music. [Nerdist]

Lining Up. Starz is filling out the cast for their adaptation of American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and I couldn’t be more excited. They’ve added Yetide Badaki as Bilquis, Bruce Langley as Technical Boy, and Sean Harris as Mad Sweeney. Learn more about the characters right this way.

Walk, Talk. When cast members of the musical Hamilton visited the White House, they made a point of filming a The West Wing-style walk and talk. It is the best thing I’ve seen today. The show influenced Lin-Manuel Miranda, so I love seeing it come together this way. [Vulture]

Making a Hole. If you’ve watched the ninth episode of Daredevil’s second season, “Seven Minutes in Heaven,” you know exactly what I mean when I talk about an epic prison fight. Without going into spoilers, the sequence apparently has a strong visual tie to a scene in The Punisher Volume 2: Border Crossing. See the similarities here at Nerdist.

Wednesday, What a Day. Are you you worried you missed something on television Wednesday night? We’re here to help. Read my recap of Star Wars Rebels (spiders!), check out Sydney’s look at Arrow (Cupid!), and Supernatural (Bobby returned!). And also, the final Daredevil season two recap just went up.

Are you looking forward to season two of Powers? What do you think of the possibility of a different release approach for Twin Peaks?

FEATURED IMAGE: Sony Pictures Television/PlayStation

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