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TV-Cap: New X-FILES Teaser Has Monsters, How to Watch the SUPERGIRL Pilot for Free, and More

It’s been two days since Supergirl debuted, and I still have Kara Danvers on the brain. The new CBS series just makes me happy, and I’m especially pleased to see the ratings were high. Numbers still talk, and if the show can keep pulling in audiences, it means the door is more likely to be open for other female-led superhero series. Read today’s TV-Cap to learn about Supergirl’s ratings and to get a link to watch the pilot for free, see a new teaser for The X-Files, gaze upon pages from an Outlander coloring book, and more.

Danger’s Expected. If you were concerned the six-episode long revival of The X-Files wouldn’t leave time to investigate all the weird things like monsters, don’t worry. A new teaser for the spooky series shows Mulder and Scully on the case for more than a few oddities. After you’ve watched the trailer, jump below to check out Jessica Chobot breaking it down on Nerdist News.

A New Other Half. Professor Martin Stein (Victor Garber) wasn’t quite the same after losing Ronnie Raymond on The Flash. He recently had to find another match to take half of the Firestorm load to keep him alive. The team found Jay “Jax” Jackson (Franz Drameh). Variety spoke with Garber and Drameh about the new dynamic, and you can read the interview over here. Plus, read Joseph McCabe’s recap of last night’s episode right here.

Taking It Back. HBO had already renewed The Brink, its political comedy starring Jack Black and Tim Robbins, for Season 2, but they’ve changed their mind and canceled the show. In a statement they said, “We unfortunately decided we cannot give The Brink the attention it deserves for a second season.” [Deadline]



Color a Kilt On. When I think about the romantic adventure drama that is Starz’s Outlander, my next thought is how I’d like to sit down with colored pencils and crayons and color Jamie’s kilt into existence. Doesn’t everybody think about that? Nah, the prospect of coloring Jamie and Claire has never crossed my mind until I saw this snazzy Outlander coloring book by Diana Gabaldon. It was released this week, and I think I need it. [Nerdist, Images: Bantam]

All the Voices. Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles just kicked off its fourth season. My, how time flies. They’ve rounded up quite the list of guest stars for this season too, including David Tennant (he’s an alien robot–this makes me happy because he also voiced a droid in Star Wars: The Clone Wars), Zelda Williams, Lucy Lawless, and Keith David. [Nerdist]

Taking Flight and Taking Names. Supergirl made a strong debut on Monday night. It was one of the last fall premieres to air, and apparently anticipation was high. Ratings–12.9 million viewers and a 3.1 rating among adults 18-49–made the premiere the fall season’s most-watched new series debut for a first night showing. Not bad, eh? And if you missed the episode, CBS has it available to view for free. [Nerdist and The Hollywood Reporter]

Totally Realistic Dreams. A sketch from the upcoming comedy W/ Bob & David features a group of pals discussing completely attainable New Year’s resolutions. They mostly all have big ambitions–maybe a little too big. The sketch is amusing, and they have some great players–including veterans from Mr. Show. W/ Bob & David will drop on Netflix on November 13. [Nerdist]

Together Again. Donna Noble and the Tenth Doctor together again? Could it be? It’s happening thanks to the Doctor Who audio plays from Big Finish Productions. They’re bringing David Tennant and Catherine Tate back for three audio adventures next year called “Technophobia,” “Time Reaver,” and “Death and the Queen.” They’ll be available starting in May 2016. Who’s ready to jump back into the TARDIS with these two? [Nerdist]

Of Course They’re Back. There are millions of Zygons living among us. It’s a problem since they’re intent on taking over the world. The upcoming episode of Doctor Who, called “The Zygon Invasion,” will air on October 31 and features the return of some familiar faces and monsters. What do you make of the trailer? [TV Fanatic]

Do you have theories about the monsters in the new teaser for The X-Files? What is your take on Supergirl? Head to the comments and talk to me about all the things.

Featured Image: CBS

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