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TV-Cap: New SUPERGIRL Trailer Adapts “For the Man Who Has Everything”

Let’s punch any midweek blues you might be feeling right in the face, shall we? Forget about the world for a few minutes to catch up on the latest and greatest television news. Today’s TV-Cap has a trailer for next week’s Supergirl, a Magnum P.I.-esque promo for season seven of Archer, The Walking Dead Valentine’s Day pudding, and much more.

Have Mercy. The next Supergirl, “For the Girl Who Has Everything,” is an adaptation of a Superman story by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons titled “For the Man Who Has Everything.” While afflicted with a telepathic parasite, Kara begins to dream of a perfect life on Krypton. But is it everything she hoped for? The episode airs on February 8. [Comic Book Resources]

Cute and Dangerous. Remember the Bunnicula books? If you didn’t read them as a child, read them as an adult. Then you can get excited about Cartoon Network premiering a new Bunnicula animated series! Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, the cartoon will debut on February 6 at 9:30a.m. with two 15-minute episodes. The supernatural Bunnicula, a vampire bunny, will be keeping Mina safe. [Image: Cartoon Network]

Matriarch In Charge. Hulu’s original drama Shut Eye has made a major casting move. The program—which tells the story of Charlie Haverford (Jeffrey Donovan), a member of “the underground world of L.A. storefront psychics and the organized crime syndicate that runs them” —will feature quite the leading lady: the great Isabella Rossellini is set to portray Rita Romani, the sadistic matriarch of a powerful family. I love everything about this series so far. [Deadline]

Flashbacks for Everyone. This week’s Agent Carter explored the younger days of both Peggy Carter and Whitney Frost. Getting a better look at the challenges they faced made their present day characters even more interesting. Read my recap of “Smoke and Mirrors” for the full scoop.

A Meeting with Underwood. Suicide Squad’s Joel Kinnaman is coming to House of Cards in season four. Who will he be playing? We have no idea, but seeing as a tweet from Netflix shows his character talking to Frank Underwood, I’m guessing he’s some sort of high ranking government official. Or somebody who’s in for a lot of trouble. [Nerdist]

It’s Happening. NBC has officially given a pilot order to a sequel to Cruel Intentions. Set more than 15 years after the film starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe, the show will follow the son of Sebastian and Annette; Bash Casey learns about his late father’s past and finds a whole new, sinister world to explore. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Rock That Mustache. Bravo, FX. The network has released a trailer for season seven of Archer that’s a shot-for-shot match of an old Magnum, P.I. promo. I don’t think it gets any better than this. I have to say, Sterling Archer pulls off the Tom Selleck look. Season seven will debut on March 31. [Nerdist]

A Terrible Turn. Did you think things couldn’t get any more dangerous on MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles? Then you were sadly mistaken. “Pykon” brought a peek at the demon army, and it’s bad news. Like, the worst. Read Sydney’s recap.

Sheriff in Charge. The Winchesters stop by to visit Sheriff Jody Mills in the next Supernatural, but she didn’t call them—her charge Claire did. Jody’s not having the easiest time with the newest member of the family, and a clip from “Don’t You Forget About Me” teases some of the drama ahead. Also: Be on the lookout for an interview with Kim Rhodes later today! [Entertainment Weekly]

Dead Hands, Warm Hearts. Feeling puzzled about what sweets to make for Valentine’s Day? Combine your sweet tooth with your craving for brains with The Walking Dead chocolate pudding. Yum. Get Jenn’s recipe here at Nerdist.

She Said, Then She Said. When the buzz about a Gilmore Girls revival started, fans wondered whether Melissa McCarthy would return, as she probably has the fullest plate of the original cast members right now. Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino told TVLine an offer was on the table for McCarthy, but then McCarthy took to Twitter to say she was never asked to be part of the revival. Maybe wires got crossed? Whatever happened, I hope this means they’ll smooth it over so we at least get a few scenes with Sookie St. James in the Netflix miniseries. [Vulture]

Do you want to see Sookie in the Gilmore Girls revival? Will you be making The Walking Dead pudding? Sound off in the comments.


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