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TV-Cap: New Pics and Info from THE X-FILES Revival, HEROES REBORN Teaser and Synopsis, & More

It has been quite the week for television news, you guys. Between Comic-Con panel schedules and fall premiere schedules, my calendar is constantly changing. Keep reading today’s TV-Cap to learn when Fox’s fall line-up kicks off, to get fresh details about The X-Files revival, to see a new preview for Heroes Reborn, and so much more.

Not So Unknown. Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are on the case. Cameras have been rolling on The X-Files revival, and Entertainment Weekly stopped by the set to take a gallery of photos and to get some plot and character details. Chris Carter says there are politics, conspiracy, and some monsters of the week — but not monsters we’ve seen before. Duchovny and Anderson are on the cover of the next Entertainment Weekly (out today, June 26) and the magazine has more X-Files info. [Nerdist]

A Festive Goodbye. In case you’ve missed the news, Hannibal is canceled for the moment. NBC isn’t bringing the series back after the third season and no one else has announced they’re picking it up yet. Since the series is booked for a panel at Comic-Con, it’s a fine time for fans to say farewell and Fannibals are planning to do it in style by getting attendees of the Saturday panel to wear flower crowns. You can get all the details on Tumblr. [Unofficial SDCC Blog]

Magic & Muppets. Speaking of Comic-Con, here are another couple of panels to keep on your radar. Take a trip to Storybrooke — also known as Ballroom 20 — on Saturday, July 11th, at 10:00am to see cast and executive producers from Once Upon a Time talk about what’s ahead with moderator Yvette Nicole Brown. Then, chill out with the performers behind The Muppets on the same day in Room 6A at 3:00pm. [Give Me My Remote]

A World Divided? The Heroes Reborn promotion machine is now full speed leading into Comic-Con. A preview for the series finally shows heroes in action and familiar faces like Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) — he looks so serious and grown-up and I did not know I would feel so strongly about seeing him. The 13-episode event series has a synopsis now, too. The basics: Those with extraordinary abilities were blamed for a terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas that decimated the city. They’re now in hiding or on the run. Luke (Zachary Levi) and Joanne (Judith Shekoni) are vigilantes going after people with powers for revenge reasons. Read more about the characters at Den of Geek.

Chase This. There was a five year gap between How to Train Your Dragon and its sequel, and DreamWorks has been exploring that time with animated series. The newest one, Dragons: Race to the Edge, arrived on Netflix today. Huzzah! If you need more Hiccup and Toothless in your life, watch an exclusive preview here at Nerdist and then settle in for some binging.

Please Listen to Reports. Sometimes I wonder how news about a zombie outbreak would spread — this is obviously a thing that crosses everyone’s mind. Social media makes it easy to communicate and share videos and photo proof, but how many people would doubt it? A clip from the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead makes me curious. Reports are coming in from five states about a virus, but Kim Dickens’s Nancy is skeptical. Too skeptical. [Comic Book Resources]

Fall Plans. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that it’s time to think about fall TV schedules, but we’re there. Fox has rolled out its premiere dates, and everything begins on Monday, September 21, with the return of Gotham. Minority Report will debut that night as well. Tuesday, September 22, will bring Scream Queens, Empire will be on Wednesdays, and Sleepy Hollow will switch to Thursdays. Whew. Review the entire schedule here.

Heavy Questions. When you live in a place full of secrets, it becomes more and more tempting to tell lies. The residents of Manhattan’s Los Alamos, New Mexico, are sort of in that position, and the first teaser for the next season highlights the tension. Season 2 of Manhattan will premiere on WGN America in the fall.

Fresh Blood. Season 1 of Gotham was overflowing with villains, and that’s apparently not going to stop with Season 2. Deadline reports a new evil duo will appear in Gotham City: Tabitha (she’s Tigress in DC Comics) and Theo Galavan. James Frain (True Blood) has been cast as Theo. [Deadline]

But, Really?! Andy Benoit recently made an idiotic comment about women’s sports, but his stupidity did bring about something amazing: a new Really!?! with Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler. They resurrected the hilarious Saturday Night Live bit on Late Night with Seth Meyers and I hope, hope, hope this becomes a regular thing. We all need this sort of happiness in our lives. [TVLine]

What do you think of the new details about The X-Files? Given what we’ve learned, head to the comments and let me know your hopes for the revival.

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