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TV-Cap: New Kit Harington Photos Fuel GAME OF THRONES/Jon Snow Rumors

The Season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones is many months away, but it’s never too early to start speculating about what’s ahead, right? Right. Kit Harington’s wavy locks and travel plans are giving fan theories regarding Jon Snow an assist. Read about that, watch a trailer for Season 2 of Fargo, see footage from the Crash Bandicoot animated series that didn’t happen, and more in today’s TV-Cap.

#HairWatch. Stop reading right now and skip ahead if you’re not caught up on Game of Thrones because I’m about to discuss spoilers. I’ll give you one more sentence to move along. Now that it’s safe, let’s talk about Jon Snow. Again. The character supposedly died at the end of Season 5, but even though Kit Harington and others insist he’s actually gone, I don’t believe it. With Melisandre conveniently at The Wall, there’s potential for him to rise again. Fans have been keeping a close eye on Harington’s hair for confirmation because leaving his hair at proper Jon Snow length is in Harington’s contract. It’s been looking long and, to add fuel to the fire, a woman named Lucy spotted and photographed Harington on a flight from London to Belfast with other Game of Thrones actors. She shared the photos with Watchers on the Wall. Note the man-bun that hides the length of Harington’s hair. No, I can’t believe I’m talking this much about Kit Harington’s hair either. Harington could be returning to film a funeral scene or maybe, just maybe, Jon Snow is alive and well. [Comic Book Resources]

She Can Do It All. The immensely talented Cate Blanchett is set to make her directorial debut on the small screen. She’s developing and directing the drama Stateless for Australian TV. The series is based on the true story of Cornelia Rau, a woman who escaped a cult only to end up in the Baxter Immigration Detention Centre. [Variety]

Hunter to Rescuer. Steven R. McQueen left The Vampire Diaries last season, and he’s found a new recurring gig. Chicago Fire executive producer Danielle Gerber announced McQueen will be joining Season 4 as Jimmy Borelli. The rookie “makes a dramatic entrance on his first day of work, and that doesn’t sit well with his boss, Chief Wallace Boden.” [Give Me My Remote]

New Agents. I’m sure we’ll see several new faces in the upcoming revival of The X-Files, and two of those faces will belong to Robbie Amell (The Flash) and Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under). The duo will appear in the fourth episode and will play Agent Miller and Agent Einstein, respectively. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Almost There. NBC’s Hannibal is inching closer and closer to the Red Dragon storyline. Finally! It’s happening in the second half of the season and promotional images show it’s staying more or less on track with Thomas Harris’s book. Ahhh! One picture of Francis Dolarhyde is above but you can see more right this way.

So Persuasive. Sometimes I remember we’re getting a new Muppets series on network TV, and I have to pinch myself. But what made ABC decide to bring Kermit and company back? Well, the Muppets created the above ten minute pitch video to sell the concept and for the first time since Comic-Con, it’s available for everyone to watch. [Vulture]

So Close, So Far. For every television series that makes it into your home, countless others don’t. There are multiple stages of development to get stuck in, and the Crash Bandicoot animated series fell down one of those holes. David Siller, a lead designer and senior producer at Universal Interactive Studio, worked on the series and shared the abandoned footage on YouTube. He said, “It was based on ideas for where we were going with this IP at that time. It was probably too ambitious in nature and was also trying to be humorous.” [Nerdist]

Waffle Hut Mysteries. Small towns have the most interesting problems. The latest trailer for Season 2 of Fargo highlights that fact. There are people with big dreams, people with issues, and people with blood on their hands. The series is jumping back to 1979 and has a killer cast including Kirsten Dunst, Nick Offerman, and Ted Danson. [Deadline]

What do you think about the first ten minutes of The Muppets? Are you doing a Kermit flail? Let me know in the comments.

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