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TV-Cap: Marc Maron on GIRLS, ARROW and FLASH Renewed, Plus a VAMPIRE DIARIES Exit

Happy Monday, TV obsessives. Man oh man how great were those Golden Globes last night, right? While you’re still waking up from that post awards show stupor we’re here with all the news you may have missed while cackling at Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Bill Cosby jokes. Because we don’t know if you know this, but: a heck of a lot of news happened over the weekend — what with the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour stop happening in Pasadena. (And there’s only going to be more where that came from, folks!) In fact we’ve got several stories from up that way, including details on Mad Men‘s final season, an exit from The Vampire Diaries and the renewals of pretty much every CW show, ever — including Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural, and your favorite vampire shows. And that’s not even taking into consideration the rumor that Marc Maron will appear on Girls, Snoop Dogg will guest on Empire, and Ricky Gervais’ Derek special (intended for Netflix).

So let’s dig right into this here TV-Cap. It’s a biggun.

First Off!: Joe McCabe was at the TCAs on Sunday and had a fun chat with Marc Guggenheim about Brandon Routh’s Atom spin-off. [Nerdist]

There’s a Party Going Down on Marry Me: And no, we don’t mean the two weddings. It’s a Party Down reunion, actually! Ryan Hansen is set to guest star on his best buddy Ken Marino’s little show, playing Lee, the ex-boyfriend of Marino’s onscreen fiancé Annie (Casey Wilson). DRAMA! [TVLine]

Ricky Returns: The always-controversial Ricky Gervais will return to his highly controversial Netflix series (named after his character), Derek, in a new special slated to premiere on April 3rd.

D-O-Double-Guest-Star: The Snoop formally known as Lion — and now again as Dogg — will lend himself over to the musical powers-that-be on Fox’s Empire. It’ll be their eleventh episode, so keep your eyes peeled. [Billboard]

No, She’s Not Sharon Tate: OK, while we all had fun falling down the rabbit hole that was “Is Megan Draper a stand-in for Sharon Tate?” conspiracy theory of last season, Matt Weiner confirmed at the TCAs on Saturday that was not, in fact, a thing. “The Sharon Tate thing, you know, it’s so flimsy and thin, and at the same time, I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s a lot of coincidence.'” But he did love us all for our creative spirit on that one, so! Siiiiiiigh back to the speculatory drawing board. [HitFix]

Vampire Diaries Lose a McQueen: Once this season’s fourteenth episode comes and goes, Jeremy will no longer be a regular fixture. The artist also known as Steven R. McQueen (no not that one. Or that one. Or that one) and his role on the series will be cut. His character is going to art school, apparently! Isn’t that cute? [TVLine]

And Last But Not Least: Apparently Marc Maron will take his awkward, weird, uncomfortable brand of humor over to Lena Dunham’s awkward, weird, uncomfortable brand of humor and mix it up on Girls! He casually dropped the news in his e-mail newsletter for fans but no: he did not have awkward, weird, uncomfortable sex with Hannah Horvath — nor did he get naked! So wait, was he really on Girls at all, then? [The A.V. Club]

So — how excited are we for all those CW renewals, eh? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Not surprised Maron will be on Girls, he and Dunham had great chemistry on WTF, I’d like to see them work together more 

  2. Supernatural Season 11! Oh Yeah! I guess this means that Oliver isn’t forever dead? Big fan of Arrow and Flash as well.