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TV-Cap: LUTHER Gets a Pilot Order, Will Arnett Heads Back to Netflix, a VAMPIRE DIARIES Preview & More

Good morning, folks, and welcome to the TV-Cap! It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to celebrate – the week’s already half over. AND, bonus points: as January trudges along, so do the midseason premieres. Our favorite shows are slowly coming back, and that means more TV news. Today we’ve got tidbits from The Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones, Sleepy Hollow, and The Walking Dead, a disturbingly silent version of the Friends theme song, new pilot orders, and much, much more.

Is It February Yet? It’s a return to normalcy (aka people versus Walkers) in the new trailer for The Walking Dead‘s midseason premiere. [Nerdist]

Friends… Without Tunes: So where are you in your Friends rewatch? I’m already on season 6, which means I’m past most of my favorite episodes but still safe in the middle years. And yes, for those counting, I clap along to the theme song during every episode. Every. Episode. However, some monster has removed The Rembrandts’ infamous song from the Friends intro, and the results are… strange, to say the least. Enjoy/sorry: [Hello Giggles]

Killer Suits, Man! Are we all in agreement that Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are the best ever? Because they are seriously the best ever. Don’t believe me? The Broad City ladies dressed up in Harry and Lloyd’s Dumb and Dumber tuxedos on Jimmy Kimmel Live. See? The best: [Vulture]


Pilots, Pilots, Everywhere: Fox is hopping on the pilot train, and they’re adding three dramas and one comedy to the mix. On top of Minority Report, Fox has picked up pilot orders for Frankenstein, Luther, Rosewood, and 48 Hours Til Monday. While we know what Fox has their eye on, we still don’t know whyyy Luther needs an American reboot. At least it has a cast-contingent order: [Deadline]

Dink in a Box! Alicia Lutes coined that phrase yesterday and now we can’t get it out of our heads. It was inspired by this new Game of Thrones footage, so now you’ve got TWO reasons to click this link: [Nerdist]

But Where’d the Lighter Fluid Come From? Will Arnett, aka Gob Bluth, aka the man we can’t wait to see find a good show, is heading back to Netflix for Flaked. The comedy centers around “a man who falls for his best friend’s object of interest and must struggle to keep up his self-appointed ‘guru’ image as his a carefully constructed web of lies starts to unwind around him.” Yep, sounds about right! Bonus points: Flaked will be executive produced by Mitch Hurwitz: [TubeFilter]

The Vampire Diaries

Team Bonnie: The Vampire Diaries returns this Thursday, and we just have to say… When are they bringing Bonnie back? That poor girl has been used by vampires, witches, humans, and everyone in between. Either let her go to the other side and hang out with Grams, or get her back to present day and give her a worthwhile storyline for once. We beg  — nay, demand — that you do better by Bonnie, Julie Plec. Ok, we’re done. Enjoy this gallery of the new episode + Stefan and Damon hanging out by a convertible: [TVLine]

Move Over, Dawn Summers: Michelle Trachtenberg made her debut on Sleepy Hollow this week, and Clarke Wolfe’s got an inside look at her turn as Abigail Adams on the SleepyCast! [Nerdist]

If you absolutely HAD to choose, who would you cast in the American Luther reboot? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Brian says:

    If they would make a show where Luther (Idris) comes to the States, perhaps as a consultant to help a city set up the similar unit, that would be worth checking out. Same character, same accent, same style, just a different setting. But a reboot? I just don’t think it would work. Be about as successful as the American version of Red Dwarf.

  2. Honestly_A says:

    Nope. No one is Luther but Idris Elba. WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS? Luther is even in English, FFS, so complaints from the xenophobic are irrelevant. #weebitgrumpy 

  3. erin says:

    I don’t get why everything needs to be translated for an American audience. Are we so stupid that we can’t comprehend small cultural differences? I wish Hollywood would start thinking a bit higher of viewers.