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TV-Cap: LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Format Update, GOTHAM Season 2 Teaser, & More

Can you even believe how many comic book inspired-series are either airing or in development right now? Sometimes I can’t. I’m definitely having one of those moments today because today TV-Cap is mostly comic book-related with a few other things sprinkled in. Keep scrolling to see a teaser for Season 2 of Gotham, to learn about the format of Legends of Tomorrow, and more.

Ill Will. Gotham City is overflowing with villains. So many baddies were introduced in the first season but more are arriving. A new teaser adds the “Rise of the Villains” tagline for Season 2 of Gotham, and the footage features Penguin, The Riddler, Tigress and Theo, and The Joker. Bruce Wayne needs to grow up quickly so that someone other than Jim Gordon can protect the city. I’m sure he’ll put up a worthy fight, but he’s just not Batman. [/Film]

Different Season, Different Story. When Arrow and The Flash go on winter hiatus in their upcoming seasons, we’ll have Legends of Tomorrow to help us through. And the new DC Comics show won’t be quite like anything else we’ve seen. Aside from the sheer hero and villain power, the format is different. Showrunner Phil Klemmer and executive producer Marc Guggenheim talked to Screen Rant about the structure. Klemmer said, “It’s an anthology show. This is not designed to go forever. This season is meant to be standalone… I mean not as anthological as True Detective. But not everybody will be continuing on this journey. The sort of central premise of time travel and Vandal Savage is totally up for grabs. This is meant to be a season that is tightly serialized that, when it’s over, you can’t go home again. It’s not going to begin Season 2 with us all hopping back on the same ship and like ‘Let’s get Vandal! Let’s get him for real this time!’ This is not traditional episodic television.” I like that they’re changing it up — especially given that this is the third series in the same universe. Read all of Klemmer’s and Guggenheim’s comments at Screen Rant. [Comic Book Resources]

Germany-Bound. Homeland will be back for Season 5 on Showtime this fall, and the network has just announced the premiere date. You can get caught up with Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) and her tears as of October 4th. The upcoming season picks up two years after Season 4 and finds Carrie in exile in Berlin. [Variety]

This could get interesting….. #empireseason2

A photo posted by @ludacris on

Not Ludicrous. Season 2 of Empire is attracting guest stars from Oprah to Marisa Tomei to Ludacris. Yes, Ludacris. The actor shared a photo on Instagram featuring him on set with Terrence Howard’s orange jumpsuit-sporting Lucious Lyon. Ludacris is in uniform as correctional officer McKnight. [Vulture]

Spooks and Twists. Not only do we have several comic book adaptations on television right now, we have several different flavors — variety being the spice of life and all that. One of the new series coming this fall is Outcast. The supernatural horror is based on a comic created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Paul Azaceta. Stars of the Cinemax show include Patrick Fugit and Wrenn Schmidt, and they stopped by the Nerdist Conival stage at Comic-Con to discuss what’s ahead. Get all the details right this way.

Casting Up. Yet a couple more guest roles were announced for Season 4 of Arrow. The third episode of the season will feature J.R. Bourne as Double Down — a villain from the DC Comics-verse — and Jeri Ryan will appear in the second episode as Jessica Danforth. Ryan’s character is “a friend of the Queen family with political ambitions.” [Comic Book Resources]

It Can’t Be Stopped. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a Sharknado. The franchise will apparently never stop. Sharknado 3 just premiered on Wednesday, and Syfy has announced Sharknado 4 is in the works. And hey, this time there’s an interactive feature. You can decide whether Tara Reid’s character April will survive by using hashtags. How are you voting? [Deadline]

Kara’s Story. So far, Supergirl footage is making me feel nothing but warm and fuzzy. A new promo from CBS features scenes that, for the most part, we’ve already seen, but I don’t care. I need all the Supergirl things, and you can’t stop me. [Nerdist]

What do you think about the theme for Season 2 of Gotham? How do you think it will be different than Season 1? Let me know in the comments.

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