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TV-Cap: Lars von Trier Heads to TV, Laverne Cox Wants Her MTV, & Bryan Cranston Sold a Thing

Happy Tuesday, TV obsessives! It’s another day of the week that’s not the weekend, and that means it’s time for everyone’s favorite thing, the Nerdist TV-Cap! There’s lots of interesting stuff happening in the world of television, and we’ve gussied up and pimped out the best of the best for your enjoyment. Snap snap, kids: time’s a-wastin’!

Faking It is the New Black: Everyone’s favorite, Laverne Cox, has had a big year. But it seems the good things just keep coming as the actress has signed on to guest star in MTV’s not-at-all-bad teen series Faking It. She’ll play Margot, a Hester High alum and the director of the school’s drama club, sure to cause some capital-D Drama as well as the regular kind. [Entertainment Weekly]

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Lars von Trier Wants A Huge…Cast: Don’t you love any story that starts out with “Danish bad boy” anything? No? OK, well, whatever your feelings on the matter, you should know that Lars von Trier is working on a television series (in English) with a “huge international cast.” Von Trier will begin working on a script for The House That Jack Built this fall in order to shoot in 2016. According to exec producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen, the series will be “without precedent” and that “You better hold your breath.” But maybe also don’t because, y’know, suffocation is real and it’s going to be awhile. [Deadline]

NEW THE WALKING DEAD PHOTO ALERT: Yup yup yup, click here: [Nerdist]

Show Me The Casting Notice! HBO’s announced that Latanya Richardson Jackson, Natalie Paul, Clarke Peters, and Daniel Stern — who is VERY GOOD in WGN America’s Manhattan you guys UGH HOW MANY TIMES do I have to tell you to watch that show it’s the BEST — have joined the cast of their six-hour miniseries Show Me A Hero. It’s all coming from The Wire co-creator David Simon so, y’know, expect us to be super hyperbolic about its potential greatness in the near future. Also: ACTIVATE GRATUITOUS DANIEL STERN PHOTO:


NBC: Now With 100% More Adam Levine: Here’s a thing we’d never thought we’d say: Adam Levine had sold a comedy pilot about his life to NBC. It’s called Kids In America and I’m sure it’ll juuuust be the greatest show, ever. Like totally because what’s more interesting than Adam Levine’s very nice upbringing in Los Angeles, eh? [Deadline]

Hemlock Woes: Fans of the Netflix series brought to fantastical life by the mind of Eli Roth, Hemlock Grove, will get a third season with a catch. That third outing will also be its last. So get your gothic mystery kicks in now while you can. [Variety]

Houdini? YOUDINI!: A lot of you watched the History Channel’s Harry Houdini miniseries with Adrien Brody! Like 3.7 million of you, to be exact. There’s a joke here about escaping and death-defying stunts but do I have to do all the work for you all the time? JEEZ IT’S CALLED A BRAIN YOU GUYS, USE IT! [Deadline]

Who Meets Hood: Also new on the image front? These pictures from Saturday’s “The Robot of Sherwood” episode of Doctor Who so click the thing: [Nerdist]

Speaking of The Wire: Who doesn’t love that sort of a segue, eh? The show is being remastered. At last! No word on when it’ll air that way, though, so don’t let the below teaser fool you. [Slashfilm]

Excerpt Alert: A book we are totally going to buy as soon as we get paid (cough) is definitely Tara Bennett’s Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show, based on the documentary, and now a be-paged thing. There’s an excerpt of it on Roger Ebert’s site right now so go read it, aspiring TV writer nerds! []

I’m The One Who Makes TV Shows: Heisenberg may have dropped [dead] out of the meth game but he sure is doing well in his latest incarnation as television producer. The man formally known as Bryan Cranston made his first sale as a big britches TV exec called Dangerous Book for Boys, based on the novel of the same name. It’s going to be a comedy — fingers crossed he’s in it? [Deadline]

So wait — can someone PLEASE talk to us about Manhattan in the comments because it’s just so great, you guys.

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