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TV-Cap: Kevin Smith to Direct THE FLASH, TWIN PEAKS Revival Cast Additions, and More

Brace yourself. The Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour has had a busy few days with casting, crossover, and premiere news. I’ve grabbed everything fit to print for today’s TV-Cap. Keep reading to learn about additions the Twin Peaks cast, Kevin Smith taking the director’s chair for The Flash, the winners of the Golden Globes, who Once Upon a Time has cast as Gaston, and more.

A Growing Threat. AMC has announced the return date for season two of Fear the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead prequel will be back on April 10. This season will have 15 episodes; seven will air in the spring and the remaining eight will air in the fall. [Comic Book Resources]

Glam and Workout Clothes. Season two of Agent Carter premieres on ABC on January 19, and photos from the episode show all sorts of glamour and humor. They feature Jarvis in workout clothes, Jarvis chasing a flamingo, Peggy on the job, Whitney Frost (a.k.a. Madame Masque), and more. Can the premiere hurry up and get here already? See additional pics from the season two premiere at Nerdist. [Images: ABC]

Expanding Ranks. Showtime’s follow-up to Twin Peaks is being kept under the tightest of wraps, but new reports point to a couple of cast additions. Sherilyn Fenn has apparently signed on to reprise her role as Audrey Horne with a “major presence” in the story. Laura Dern has also reportedly joined the cast in an unnamed role. [Nerdist]

Special Director. Some exciting news about The Flash dropped at the TCAs on Sunday: Kevin Smith will be stepping in to direct an episode. His episode will air on The CW this May. [Nerdist]

Solving Impossible Crimes. IDW Publishing has acquired the rights to Douglas Adams’ Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and they’re developing it for television. Neat, huh? Max Landis is on board to write a pilot for the adaptation, and he’d serve as executive producer if the title heads to series. Dirk Gently is a private detective and a psychic with special abilities and he investigates crimes that no one else could solve. [Nerdist]

New Beginnings. Having the power to change the future can makes a relationship intense, to say the least. Claire and Jamie have to wrestle with that challenge, among other things, in season two of Outlander. The drama will come back to Starz in April, and the above video takes a look ahead at the changes and twists ahead. Ye didn’t think Claire and Jamie would just get a happy ending, did ye? [Nerdist]

A Reunion. The CW has two connected properties with The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, but the characters don’t cross back and forth has much as you’d think (and hope) they would. CW president Mark Pedowitz announced that will change later this season; there will be a crossover event beginning in episode 14 of The Vampire Diaries where Stefan travels to New Orleans to seek refuge. [TVLine]

Parodies Trump All. Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz teased some plans for season five of the offbeat comedy at the TCAs. He wants to leverage the comedy of Donald Trump’s presidential run and parody it with Lucille and parody Making a Murderer and The Jinx in Buster’s story. Hurwitz hasn’t started writing scripts for the next installment, so we’ll see if those plans stick. [Nerdist]

Coming Back Around. Remember when there was the possibility of a Marvel spinoff focusing on Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter? It’s back on the table because ABC confirmed during TCAs that they’ve ordered a pilot. The show’s called Marvel’s Most Wanted. Is it possible we might get to the point where we have a comic book series on TV every night? [Comic Book Resources]

Tiny Movements. It’s time to see the Land of Ooo in an entirely different way: the stop-motion way! The first ever stop-motion episode of Adventure Time will air on Thursday, January 14 on Cartoon Network. In “Bad Jubies,” Finn, LSP, and BMO have to build a bunker to stay safe during a storm in The Grasslands. [Image: Cartoon Network]

Statues for Everyone. Did you miss The Golden Globes last night? Fear not! We have a complete list of winners for you to enjoy.

Three Cheers for Gaston! Once Upon a Time has hunted down their Gaston. Wes Brown will be playing the nefarious hunter in a flashback that takes place before Belle met Rumplestiltskin. This is a recasting since Gaston briefly appeared in season one of the fairy tale series. [Variety]

Almost Over? CBS hasn’t made any pronouncements about the fate of Person of Interest–they haven’t even put season five on the schedule yet–but J.J. Abrams thinks it’s probably coming to an end. He appeared at the TCAs to promote 11.22.63 and said, “My guess is it is the final season.” [Deadline]

So much news today! Head to the comments to tell me your thoughts on any of all of it.

Featured Image: The CW

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