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TV-Cap: Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Guest on THE MINDY PROJECT, TWIN PEAKS Dining Experience, & More

Oh hey, it’s Monday. This is how I feel about Mondays:

Since I can’t do anything about my least favorite day of the week rolling around again, let’s get on with catching up on television news. I have so many casting updates to share! Keep reading to learn which show Jason Dohring will be appearing on, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s role on The Mindy Project, the newest face to return for Fuller House, and more.

Damn Fine Food. The Double R Diner is a key locale in Twin Peaks, and if a diner just like it (something other than the filming location) opened somewhere, fans would line up outside the door. They’ll probably do that for a Twin Peaks pop-up dining experience coming to London on August 27th-October 16th. The Owls Are Not What They Seem is dubbed as “an immersive dining experience inspired by the world of Twin Peaks.” It includes a three-course meal, a bar set-up similar to the Roadhouse in the series, and appearances by characters. Sounds like a great way to get your fix until the show returns. [Nerdist]

Presidential Goodbye. Can you believe Jon Stewart’s run on The Daily Show is nearly over? He steps down as host of the series on August 6. He’ll undoubtedly have several familiar faces coming in to say farewell in the coming weeks, and that includes one last visit from President Obama. He’ll swing by tomorrow, July 21st — it will be Obama’s seventh appearance on the show. [Deadline]

A New Detective. When The Originals returns with Season 3 this fall, it will return with a fan favorite actor. Jason Dohring will join the cast as Detective Will Kinney. The good-natured detective isn’t aware of all the bizarre and otherworldly activities happening in New Orleans, but I bet it won’t take him long to raise an eyebrow. [TV Fanatic]

Barry vs. Barry. The CW’s take on The Flash made a splash last year, but it’s not the first live-action version we’ve seen of the Scarlet Speedster. John Wesley Shipp played Barry Allen on CBS’s The Flash in 1990-1991 — he plays Barry Allen’s father in the modern version. Each adaptation has something to offer, and it’s fun to run down various elements of each show and rank them. Read Donnie’s comparison of the two series right this way.

These Names. The next season of Arrow will undoubtedly bring in several new faces from the comics, but two we know about are Mr. Terrific and Anarky. (This is where I would like to pause and comment on how much I love comic book names; they’re so fabulous). Anyway, those two roles have been cast. Echo Kellum (also a great name) will play Mr. Terrific, and Alexander Calvert will play Anarky. [Nerdist and Deadline]

Hopefully Not a Triangle. Speaking of comics, Supergirl’s third episode will introduce a recurring character from the DC-verse: Lucy Lane. She’s Lois’s sister and Jimmy Olsen’s ex-girlfriend. I’m intrigued by the addition of another female character to the show, but so help me, she’d better not be part of a love triangle. [TVLine]

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So It Begins. If you ever doubted whether the Full House reunion known as Fuller House would actually happen, you don’t have to worry any longer. They’ve had their first table read, and production is in full swing. And hey, table read photos shared by the cast revealed that Scott Weinger is returning as Steve. He was DJ Tanner’s boyfriend, but now that DJ is widowed with children of her own, it will be interesting to see how he fits into the picture. [Variety]

A Shaky Future. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are producing a series for Syfy alongside Ted Humphrey and Jennifer Todd. Incorporated takes place in 2062 and is set in a world where climate change has wrecked the world. The espionage thriller has just cast its lead — Sean Teale (Reign) will play Ben Larson. According to Deadline, Larson is “a rising star in a mega-corporation called Chrysalis who is determined to climb the rickety, bloodstained ladder of success in order to find and rescue the woman he loves.” So… he’s an intense kind of guy. [Deadline]

Getting Hitched. Things are changing for Mindy Lahiri. When Season 4 of The Mindy Project premieres on Hulu, Mindy will be hitched. The first episode is inspired by the movie Sliding Doors and instead of being with Danny, Mindy is married to a character played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Temporary or not, I’m fully on board with this pairing. [Variety]

Are you on board for Fuller House? Head to the comments and let me know your thoughts about the reunion.

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