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TV-Cap: HANNIBAL Star Talks a Potential Season Four

Mads Mikkelsen may be heading to the galaxy far, far away, but he hasn’t forgotten about the diehard community of Fannibals who were left waiting for a fourth season of Hannibal. Learn about that in today’s TV-Cap along with Amazon’s new Jack Ryan TV show, an update about a Wheel of Time television series, and more.

Beat It Up. Not long after the addition of The Punisher to season two of Marvel’s Daredevil was announced, rumors started circulating about the character getting his own spinoff series. It’s taken a while for that to be confirmed, but finally, Netflix has announced a Punisher series is happening with Steve Lightfoot on board as the showrunner. [Nerdist]

In His Prime. Remember how Amazon said they were going to make a Jack Ryan series? They’ve taken a huge step forward with the story based on the CIA operative created by author Tom Clancy by casting John Krasinski in the role. Krasinski will play Ryan when the agent is in his prime. [Coming Soon]

Who, What, Where? David Tennant stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and he and Colbert took advantage of the opportunity to play a Doctor Who game version of “Who’s on First?” I don’t need to say anything else. [Nerdist]

The Wheel Turns. Raise your hand if you’ve read The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Eye of the World was the first high fantasy book I ever picked up, so the stories of Rand al’Thor have a special place in my heart. If you have similar feelings, rejoice! Because Harriet McDougal, Jordan’s widow and editor, has shared that a television series is happening. She shared the update on Google+ and said an official announcement is coming soon from a major studio. Who’s taking on this massive task? I can’t wait to find out! [Nerdist]

Let’s Get Real. What’s Game of Thrones really about? Only Screen Junkies will tell you the honest to goodness truth. They’re like Varys in that regard. Don’t believe me? Just watch their latest Honest Trailer for the HBO series. [Nerdist]

Another Serving? Is Hannibal really and truly over? While it’s true there hasn’t been any news lately about the series that was cancelled by NBC continuing, apparently all hope isn’t lost—not yet. Star Mads Mikkelsen spoke with the Sunday Express and discussed his frustrations about not getting to move forward with season four and his optimism for more stories. Read more from Mikkelsen here at Nerdist.

No Words Needed. Looking for a gif to perfectly capture how you feel about it being Monday? I think the above image of Dean from Supernatural fits the bill, and there are so many other handy gifs in the latest GIFtastic TV to help you explain your feelings. [Image: The CW, kendaspntwd/Tumblr]

Hello, Optimism. The 2012 film Dredd has a vocal fan base that keeps trying to get more stories in that world made. Dredd star Karl Urban in favor of the motion too and recently supported a discussion about a Dredd series made for an online streaming platform. It could be in the works because Urban reported the following at a recent convention appearance: “Conversations are happening.” It’s vague and all, but hey, other reboots and such have started that way. We’ll keep you posted. [Comic Book Resources]

Saving People. Jesse Custer isn’t your average sort of preacher, and a new teaser for AMC’s Preacher emphasizes that. There’s some pretty ominous hints about the “work” Custer does. The series is set to premiere on May 22. [Nerdist]

Blood, Birth, Attacks. Why not pretend it’s still the weekend and read our recaps of three new episodes of television that have aired since Friday? We have all there is to know about the latest on Outlander, Fear the Walking Dead, and a little series called Game of Thrones.

Have any ideas about what you want to see in The Punisher series? Do you have all the opinions about last night’s Game of Thrones? Head to the comments and let it all out.

Featured Image: Netflix

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