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What a week it has been, friends. The sixth season of Game of Thrones premiered, Arrow and Supernatural came back from a break, and my DVR to-watch list continued to grow. Before I catch up on my backlog, I’ve rounded up some of the most gif-worthy expressions and moments from the last seven days of television for GIFtastic TV. Save these gifs and use them well—consider it a homework assignment.

1. Ehhh.

Supernatural returned after a short break, and Dean and Sam Winchester dove right into a case. Dean went through quite the gamut of emotions while they talked about the possible cause of the trouble, and this is just one of the gems.
Use this gif when: You know an idea’s bad, but you’re open to it anyway.
[via kendaspntwd/Tumblr]

It’s like Jensen Ackles knows his facial expressions are going to be turned into gifs:

[via kendaspntwd/Tumblr]

2. Daggers for Eyes

Don’t make a Targaryen angry. We spent time with Daenerys and her captors in the Game of Thrones season six premiere, and I think she tried to kill them with a look.
Use this gif when: You’re experiencing Hulk-like rage.
[via Jenna/Tumblr]

When you want to tell someone they have your sword/protection:

[via somosshippers/Tumblr]

3. Pep Talk Time

Jax talked Ray through a trying situation in the most recent Legends of Tomorrow. He said all the right things and reacted accordingly when Ray dusted himself off.
Use this gif when: Someone you know does something awesome.
[via tatiana/Tumblr]

And Legends has your feelings of frustration covered, too.

[via Daily Flarrow Gifs/Tumblr]

4. Get It Together

Cora had a surprisingly sweet exchange with both her daughters on last Sunday’s Once Upon a Time. They sort of reconciled, and Cora even cried. What.
Use this gif when: You’re picking yourself back up and want the world to know.
[via Simona/Tumblr]

Share your gifs from the last week of television or beyond with me; I’m always looking to expand my collection. Leave links in the comments or hit me up on Twitter.

Images: The CW, HBO, ABC

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