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TV-Cap: GILMORE GIRL Revival Gets Title, The CW Fall Schedule, and More

We’re going to send this week out with a bang in the department of television news. Let’s not waste time on pleasantries. Go forth into today’s TV-Cap to learn about the superhero heavy schedule The CW has set for the fall and to see trailers for their new series, learn the official title for Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival, get some Preacher goodness, and more.

Celebrate with Coffee. Finally! We have some official news from Netflix regarding their continuation of Gilmore Girls and that news is a title. The four-part miniseries comprised of 90 minute episodes will be called Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Now we just need the release date… [Deadline]

Get Off Target. Season four of Arrow will come to an end on Wednesday, May 25, and Damien Darhk’s not giving up. He has confidence on his side, as well as HIVE and nuclear missiles. Who are you betting on? The above promo might sway you. [Comic Book Resources]

Ready. Set… Speaking of season finales, The Flash will also wrap up its second season next week—on Tuesday, May 24. Barry’s been battling Zoom all season, but will he be able to stop him? The promo gives me chills. [Comic Book Movie]

Being Saved. Our very own managing editor Alicia Lutes visited the set of AMC’s Preacher and has a pile of neat information to share from the cast about making the series shine. Read everything they had to say over here.

Actors Schmactors. Who needs talented actors when you can play every part yourself? Okay, no one’s ever asked that question except Seth Rogen. He put together a parody trailer for AMC’s Preacher and plays every role in it because why wouldn’t he? P.S.: The show premieres on May 22 without Rogen in front of the camera. [Nerdist]

Throw Your Caps Up. Graduation is nigh for high schoolers and college students. Given that it’s the right time of year, Jessica looked back at the Buffy the Vampire Slayer graduation episode. Read her thoughts right this way.

Quick Binge. Don’t have time to watch season one of Wayward Pines before the second season debuts on Fox on May 25? Don’t fret! You watch the above minute and a half recap to hit the highlights. [Nerdist]

Trailers, Schedule, Oh My. I don’t know if The CW is taking over the world, but it feels like that’s the case sometimes. The network had their presentation at Upfronts on Thursday and dropped their fall schedule along with trailers for their new shows. The schedule includes a superhero show every night Monday-Thursday with Supergirl keeping its Monday timeslot from CBS. Get the complete rundown at The Hollywood Reporter.

And for trailers!


No Tomorrow, a.k.a. how you can see Joshua Sasse on your TV now that Galavant’s been cancelled:


Yeah, they haven’t put the trailer online since Riverdale won’t debut until midseason. However, you can read a description of it at IGN. It sounds very Twin Peaks meets Archie, which I wasn’t expecting. [Image: The CW]

Everything Happened, Basically. Did you enjoy all that Thursday night TV had to offer? A lot occurred so if you want to make sure you didn’t blink and skip something important, read our recaps of Orphan Black and of the season finales of The 100 and Legends of Tomorrow.

Do you like the Gilmore Girls title? Which of The CW’s new shows look best to you? Head to the comments and share your thoughts.

Featured Image: Netflix

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