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Seth Rogen Made a PREACHER Trailer with Him in Every Role

You would think that being the man who finally managed to bring Preacher to TV would be enough for the show’s executive producer Seth Rogen. You would also think the comedic actor would be content with directing the show for AMC. But no, none of that was nearly enough for him. Heck, apparently he wouldn’t have been happy just getting to be on the show either–he needed to be cast in all of the parts.

So that’s just what he did, making his own version of the trailer, with him taking on every single role (well, him and a bunch of mannequins). We first came across this great “Sweded” version at Comic Book Resources, and it just goes to show that even if you are a big time Hollywood actor it doesn’t mean you have access to a good beard guy whenever you need one.

You don’t have to worry about waiting for someone to make a side-by-side comparison either, because AMC was kind enough to include it at the end of Seth’s own silliness. And make no mistake, it’s very, very silly.

There’s no way to know if Rogen himself made all of the title cards, full of little cotton balls, but it’s way more fun if we just assume he did.

Preacher finally makes it’s long awaited debut this Sunday night, May 22nd, at 10 p.m, with Dominic Cooper, not Seth Rogen, in the role of Jesse Custer. Though Rogen did direct the pilot episode.

So tell us Preacher comic book readers, what role would you cast Rogen in if you had to appease him with a part? Tell us your best idea in the comments below.

We spoke to the Preacher cast at SXSW and it got weird.

Images: AMC

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