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TV-Cap: Get a New Look at MR. ROBOT’s Second Season

It’s Friday and many of you are looking at a three-day weekend, so let’s do this TV-Cap business! Keep reading to learn some details on season two of Mr. Robot, to see Game of Thrones-meets-Hamilton tweets, to check out the new design for Mega Man, and more.

Repercussions. Mr. Robot will return on July 13, and the story is set 30 days after the attack on Evil Corp. Series creator Sam Esmail and stars Rami Malek and Christian Slater opened up about where the story will go in the above video—we’re going to get inside of Elliot’s head even more—and how big the stakes are. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Continue the Fear. Aftershows are in, and MTV’s Scream is the latest series to get one. Scream After Dark! will be hosted by Jeffery Self and will debut after the season two premiere of Scream on May 30. Self will have cast members drop by, screen behind-the-scenes footage, and discuss all things murdery. [A.V. Club]

Making the Leap. EA DICE’s Mirror’s Edge is set to run to television. Endemol Shine North America has landed rights to make the game a TV series. They point out, “It has a strong female protagonist, a wildly rabid fan base, and a worldwide brand that Electronic Arts and EA DICE have done an amazing job establishing.” Let’s see if they can find it a home. [Nerdist]

Hamilton Goes to Westeros. Twitter sometimes explodes with memes for no discernible reason. Case in point: #HamofThrones. It’s a mashup of Hamilton and Game of Thrones, and it made for a glorious Wednesday evening on social media. See some of the best of the best #HamofThrones entries here at Nerdist.

Behold, Laughter! Season five of Comedy Bang! Bang! is here and guess who’s part of the team at the IFC series? Weird Al! Yes, it’s perfect. You can watch the entire premiere episode with bonus Kevin Bacon right this way.

Blue Bomber Update. Remember how a new Mega Man animated series is in the works? Capcom has provided an update and shared a fresh look for Mega Man (pictured above). It makes sense to give him a makeover because times have changed since Mega Man was birthed almost 30 years ago. Anyway! Get all the scoop there is to be scooped on the new show at Nerdist. [Image: Capcom]

Going Solo. Speaking of changes, a major one is hitting Netflix’s Sense8. The Wachowskis won’t be teaming up for the second season. Lilly Wachowski is leaving the project, which means Lana will be going solo as showrunner. [Nerdist]

Happy News! HBO’s Westworld has faced some delays, but it is now slated to premiere this fall. That’s not so far away. Huzzah! I’ve embedded the teaser above to remind you of why we all need this series in front of our faces as soon as humanly possible. [Variety]

Pilot Season. Amazon does this nifty thing where they drop a bunch o’ pilots at once and see what sticks, more or less. They’ve nailed down the lineup for their next pilot season and it includes dramas, animated series, and kid’s show. The Last Tycoon starring Matt Bomer and Kelsey Grammer is at the top of my list. The pilots will premiere on June 17 on Amazon Video. Get the complete list at Deadline.

Hell in a Handbasket. Thursday’s episode of Orphan Black saw the team torn apart to a certain degree and things falling down on Team Hendrix. Read Alicia’s recap of “The Antisocialism of Sex.”

What do you want to see in a Mirror’s Edge series? What questions do you hope season two of Mr. Robot answers? Let me know in the comments.

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