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TV-Cap: GAME OF THRONES Casts Tarlys, First Photos from JESSICA JONES, & More

Before we dive into the latest and greatest television happenings, I feel duty-bound to let you know that Marvel’s Agent Carter is available on Blu-ray/DVD as of today. Do with that information what you will. Now, onto today’s TV-Cap with the first official photos from Jessica Jones, Game of Thrones casting information, The Walking Dead character portraits, and more.

But That Scarf. Marvel’s Jessica Jones will premiere on Netflix on November 20, and that means it’s just about time for the promotional wheels to start turning. The first official stills have been released, and they give us a good look at Jessica (Kristen Ritter), Kilgrave (David Tennant), Patricia Walker (Rachael Taylor), and Harper (Carrie-Anne Moss). I’m in love with every single outfit in these stills and can’t wait to learn more about the show. See additional pictures here at Nerdist.

Another Agent. Chad Michael Murray will briefly play a different kind of agent soon. Hey, the next character has to be nicer than his turn as Agent Jack Thompson on Agent Carter, right? He’ll be guesting as Brad Radwell, a Hollywood talent agent, in an episode of Fox’s Scream Queens. Radwell is the older brother of Chad (Glen Powell). [TVLine]

Talking History. Craig Ferguson will be combining his comedic talents with his knowledge of history for a new series for History called Join or Die with Craig Ferguson. The half-hour show has a 16-episode order and will cover a variety of topics from current affairs to things like who the greatest founding father was. [Deadline]

Up Next? With the possibility of Jenna Coleman leaving Doctor Who, it’s only natural to discuss who the next companion could be. We have some ideas. Guest host Emily V. Gordon shares her theories in a recent Nerdist News. Watch and let me know who you think you should step into the TARDIS with the Doctor. [Nerdist]

Looking Sharp. The cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. looks rather intense in a newly released poster for season three. The entire gang is present, and I’m very curious about where everyone stands — Coulson is flanked by Daisy and Ward. Hmm. Speaking of Coulson, please note that he appears to have a new hand. Also, I’m going to take it as a positive sign that Simmons is featured on the poster. S.H.I.E.L.D. returns on September 29. [Comic Book Resources]

Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers are just ahead. Navigate around them if you don’t want to know anything about Season 6.

All in the Family. Several Tarlys have been discovered for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. These are the relatives of Samwell Tarly, and in general, he hasn’t said great things about his family — especially his father. James Faulkner (Downton Abbey) will play Lord Randyll Tarly, and I think that casting is absolutely perfect. Also: Samantha Spiro and Rebecca Benson will play Melessa and Talla, Sam’s mom and sister. [Nerdist]

Pulling Out Big Guns. The season 11 premiere of Supernatural has a cursed Castiel, big weapons, and a baby. That sounds about right. Pictures from the upcoming episode, “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire” (it will air on October 7), have all the things mentioned above plus Crowley. More photos at Give Me My Remote.

Toilet Travel. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are starring in a new comedy series for Netflix. W/ Bob and David was ordered in April, and a new teaser tells us it will drop on the streaming service on November 13. What we know: Odenkirk and Cross have been traveling in a Porta potty since their show Mr. Show ended in 1998. At least they never had to worry about making bathroom stops? [Nerdist]

Bloody and Serious. You come to expect certain things from The Walking Dead, and none of those things involve happiness. But, character portraits from the upcoming sixth season look downright fierce — particularly the one with Carol. See more images at Variety.

Jesus? And speaking of characters on The Walking Dead, Entertainment Tonight shared an image from the set that showcases someone who looks an awful lot like Paul “Jesus” Monroe from the comics. It’s a distinct outfit and style so it would be surprising if it was another character. What do you think? [Nerdist, image: Entertainment Tonight]

How do you feel about the casting choices for the Tarlys? Book readers: Is it what you pictured? Let me know in the comments.

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