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TV-Cap: FLASH/SUPERGIRL Crossover Pics, Jess Joins GILMORE GIRLS Revival, and More

Friends! It has been a hopping 24 hours. We have all sorts of television news and recaps to catch up on, so let’s get right to it. Today’s TV-Cap has news on another of Rory’s exes joining the Gilmore Girls revival, the first four minutes of The Walking Dead midseason premiere, behind-the-scenes photos from The Flash/Supergirl crossover, a new House of Cards trailer, and much more. Grab a cup of coffee—you’re gonna need it.

Fighting for All of It. So far, teases for season four of Netflix’s House of Cards have been little more than symbolic glimpses. But now we have a full trailer, and it’s dripping with ice. It looks as though the season will center on Frank Underwood and Claire’s separation and both of their battles for power and money. New episodes arrive on March 4.

A Famous Writer? One of the most exciting parts about Netflix bringing back Gilmore Girls is seeing what everyone is doing. I expect to see Stars Hollow residents in the same occupations, but someone like Jess? He could be a successful author by now. We’ll find out because Milo Ventimiglia is confirmed to return. Yay! [Nerdist]

Meet Ash’s Dad. The cast of Starz’s Ash vs Evil Dead will be getting bigger for season two. The network announced Lee Majors is set to play Ash’s Father, Brock Williams, and Ted Raimi is on board as Ash’s best friend from childhood, Chet Kaminski. Season two will premiere later in 2016.

What Does It Mean? Is a third season of Agent Carter going to happen? Hayley Atwell, a.k.a. Peggy Carter, has joined a new ABC pilot in the lead role. She’ll play Carter Morrison in Conviction, a woman who runs a Conviction Integrity Unit that looks at cases where inmates might have been wrongfully convicted. Now, it’s only a pilot order, but if it’s picked up for series, could she still film another eight or 10 episodes of Agent Carter? I’m a little worried. [IGN]

A Confrontation. We’re so close to the return of The Walking Dead. As ever, there’s tension in the air. AMC has released the first four minutes of the midseason premiere, and it sets the stage for conflict. The full episode will air on AMC on February 14. [Nerdist]

Rescue This. Amazon is bringing back a British sci-fi series from the ’60s to their streaming platform. The Thunderbirds will fight again in Thunderbirds Are Go. Amazon’s gone all in, ordering four 13-episode seasons of the animated take on the series about teen heroes who belong to the International Rescue Squad. Rosamund Pike will star in the show; she’ll voice agent Lady Penelope. Thunderbirds Are Go will debut in 2016. [Variety, Image: ITV Television]

Unlikely Allies. Agent Carter will have a fancy two-hour episode next Tuesday. Peggy will turn to Dottie Underwood for help with Whitney Frost, and for some reason, it looks like she agrees to do so. What could Dottie have up her sleeve? You can see plenty of photos of Dottie and Jarvis crashing Calvin Chadwick’s party at Comic Book Resources.

From TV to Film. It’s not enough to resurrect a franchise once. Ronald D. Moore brought back Battlestar Galactica on Syfy beginning in 2004, and now producer Michael DeLuca is eyeing it for development at Universal Pictures. That’s all we really know at this point, but BSG could make the jump to the big screen and I could be excited about the prospect. [Nerdist]

Stars Galore. Netflix is carrying on the torch of Black Mirror by working with Charlie Brooker on new episodes, and they’re stacking up some impressive names. They announced Wednesday that Bryce Dallas Howard and Alice Eve will be participating; they’ll star in an episode directed by Joe Wright. [Nerdist]

It’s a Lair. Guys. Barry-2 (Barry from Earth-2) is more adorkable than Barry-1. I didn’t think that could be possible. A promo for next Tuesday’s The Flash shows Barry-2 will help the Earth-1 transplants find Jesse and their Barry. I think it’s going to be amusing. [TV Fanatic, Images: The CW]

Awww! Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist have started filming the upcoming Flash/Supergirl crossover (it will air on March 28), and Gustin has been sharing behind the scenes pics. They’ll make you melt because you can practically feel how excited he is. See more photos right this way. [Image: Grant Gustin]

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Whew. Which tidbit of news from today is making you the happiest?


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