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TV-Cap: First GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Teaser Toys with Our Emotions

HBO continues to amuse me with the ways they’re using promotions for Game of Thrones season 6 to play with our hearts and minds. They’ve released the first teaser for the season, and it sort of pokes the entire fandom in the ribs. Watch the teaser in today’s TV-Cap and then stick around to see a trailer for the Star Wars Rebels midseason finale, to learn about the setting for Season 3 of Fargo, and more.

Reliving the Past. When Game of Thrones returns with Season 6 in April, it’s going off-book. Literally. The first teaser features Bran Stark telling us, “They have no idea what’s going to happen.” And we don’t, because for the most part, the show has outpaced A Song of Ice and Fire. Bran’s talking to the characters and the audience. I like HBO breaking the fourth wall. [Nerdist]

So It Begins. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) Awards will take place on February 13, and they’ve announced their nominees for television and new media. Some highlights from the nominees: Mr. Robot, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Fargo. Get the complete list at Variety.

To the Next Step. Universal Cable Productions’ first look deal with Dark Horse Entertainment has led to Syfy picking up Harrow County for development. The comic of the same name from writer Cullen Bunn and artist Tyler Crook follows Emmy, a witch connected to the supernatural creatures who live in the forest around her. Becky Kirsch is on board to write the adaptation. [Deadline]

Force-ful Push. Ezra’s not holding back in the trailer for the upcoming midseason finale of Star Wars Rebels (it airs on December 9). He’s been getting consistently stronger in the Force, and those powers are on display in “Legacy.” He might even be tapping into the dark side. In the episode, Ezra and the Ghost crew return to Lothal because Ezra has a Force vision about his parents. [Nerdist]

Rewind. Going back in time a little, the last episode of Rebels featured the return of Ahsoka Tano. She teamed up with Kanan and Ezra for a grim reason, and then there was an epic lightsaber fight. Read my review of “The Future of the Force.”

More Episodes for You. Fear the Walking Dead has promoted Colman Domingo to series regular for Season 2. He plays Victor Strand, and he has a key asset that could help Madison and co. escape California: a yacht. There aren’t any zombies in the ocean, right? [Nerdist]

Back to Now. FX’s Fargo traveled backwards to the 1970s for Season 2, but they’re coming back to the present for Season 3. Series creator Noah Hawley told Entertainment Weekly the next installment is “more contemporary” and will take place a couple years after Season 1 (Season 1 was set in 2006). [TVLine]

Bombarded By Burgers. Who needs sleep when you have cheeseburgers? Rick and Morty partnered with Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s to make an amusing commercial about Rick assaulting Morty with various burgers. Now I want this to be a plot line in the series. [Nerdist]

Hoodie Up. The next Marvel Netflix series is Luke Cage, and the series is currently filming in New York City. Photos have shown up from the set showing Mike Colter, Alfre Woodard, and also Rosario Dawson. See the photos at Vulture.

Hitting the Reset Button. Damien Darhk is a force of nature–a really mean one. It looks like he’s delivering on his threats to hurt those Oliver loves, and the above promo for Arrow’s midseason finale shows he’s captured Felicity. This is terrible news. [Comic Book Resources]

Lucky 13. Smallville’s Tom Welling is coming back to television–specifically to CBS. He’ll be starring in Section 13, a drama about a CIA black ops officer who joins another secret group that takes on the worst of the worst assignments. Clark Kent as a secret agent. I like it. Welling will also produce. [Deadline]

What’s your interpretation of the Game of Thrones teaser? Drop your theories in the comments.

Featured Image: HBO

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