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TV-Cap: First FARGO Season 2 Teaser, AMERICAN GODS Concept Art, & More

It’s the end of the week, everyone. We made it. The TV news is still rolling though so buckle in and prepare to make your Friday more informed. Today’s TV-Cap has clips from the Season 2 premiere of Star Wars Rebels, concept art for the American Gods adaptation, a teaser for the next season of Fargo, and more.



Arty Gods. Remember how Starz gave American Gods the green light to move forward? Remember how we’re all still rejoicing that the adaptation of the Neil Gaiman book is finally happening? Well, to keep those rejoicing feelings at high levels, please feast your eyes upon concept art! Yep, showrunner Bryan Fuller shared two images for the series on Twitter. One is a very poster-like image of Shadow and Mr. Wednesday’s car and the other is of Shadow’s dream of the Bone Orchard. Does anyone else have goose bumps? [Nerdist]

Aliens on the Run. There are so many new Syfy series to keep track of these days. One of the these shows — so new it hasn’t started production yet — comes from Gale Anne Hurd, executive producer of The Walking Dead. Hunters is an alien drama based on the book Alien Hunter by Whitley Strieber. According to Deadline, it’s about a government unit hunting terrorists who might be from other planets. You know, no biggie. They’ve just cast the female lead: Britne Oldford (American Horror Story) will play an operative named Regan. [Deadline]

Moar Dragons! Do you have a dragon-shaped hole in your heart after the Game of Thrones Season 5 finale? The world of How to Train Your Dragon isn’t quite the same as Westeros (Daenerys could really stand to learn a thing or two from Hiccup), but there are dragons. Those dragons will be featured in a new Netflix series titled DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge. You can go on adventures with Hiccup, Toothless, and company beginning on June 26. [Slashfilm]

Just Some Hints. Production on The X-Files revival is chugging along. Speaking to TVLine, Gillian Anderson vaguely discussed what it’s been like to play Scully again. She’s only seen the first two scripts so far and said, “[It’s] strange to be back here. This is a lot of flashbacks, a lot of deja vu, a lot of remembering dynamics — and it’s… a thicker substance to wade through than I’d thought.” She said the experience has been good though. Read everything Anderson teased at TVLine.

A Single Sith. When you have Darth Vader, you don’t need a squadron of TIE fighters. The Sith Lord is more than capable of handling a handful of enemies on his own. Yeah, he has serious skills. New clips from the Season 2 premiere of Star Wars Rebels serve as reminders of just how badass Vader is. You know, in case you’ve forgotten. “The Siege on Lothal” will premiere on Saturday at 9:00pm ET/PT. [Nerdist]

Mo’ Panels, Mo’ Scheduling Problems. Time for the obvious statement of the day: the Comic-Con panel schedule is growing. CBS has announced which shows they’re bringing, and they’re hanging out in Ballroom 20. There will be panels for Extant, Limitless, Under the Dome, and more. View CBS’s complete panel schedule at Give Me My Remote. And don’t worry, once the entire Comic-Con schedule is posted, I’ll assemble a list of every television panel ever.

Historical Tendencies. I don’t know Netflix’s mission statement, but I feel like it currently has to be something like, “We’re going to release all the original content.” Just a guess. One of the titles on their docket is The Crown, a drama that goes back to second half of the 20th century and explores royalty, love, politics, etc. Ooh. These are things I like. Plus, bonus: Netflix has cast Matt Smith and John Lithgow. Smith will play Philip Mountbatten and Lithgow will play Sir Winston Churchill. [Nerdist]

Speedy in Danger? We are months away from the Season 4 premiere of Arrow, but the first episode is written and everyone loves clues. Recent tweets from Marc Guggenheim and Stephen Amell are barely clues, but they’re something, and something is better than nothing. Guggenheim shared an image of the script for episode 401, and all it reveals is the writers (Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle) and the director (Thor Freudenthal). Amell gave up slightly more when answering a fan’s request to describe the episode in three words by tweeting, “What’s wrong Speedy?” For all we know, Thea just had some food that unsettled her stomach, but things are rarely that simple on Arrow. [Comic Book Resources]

Birds, Guns. Once trouble starts brewing in a sleepy town, does it ever leave? It sure looks like Fargo is going to be murderous for the long haul. FX has released the first brief teaser for Season 2 of the drama, and it’s going to leave you with all kinds of questions. There’s a bird and there are gunshots, and somehow it’s creepy. The next season of Fargo stars the likes of Nick Offerman and Kirsten Dunst among others. [Nerdist]

Do you dig the American Gods concept art? Head to the comments and let me know!

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