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TV-Cap: FIREFLY Cast Wants Season 2, New Promo for THE X-FILES, and More

Renewals, cancellations, promos, teases—it’s just a day for everything. Keep reading today’s TV-Cap to see a striking promo for The X-Files revival, to see a photo from the upcoming Sleepy Hollow and Bones crossover (I’m not even making that up), to learn about David Duchovny possibly appearing in Twin Peaks, to see which two series have been canceled, and more.

Going Abstract. The premiere of The X-Files revival is a few months away and though we’ll undoubtedly get more teasers, this is a show that’s best enjoyed without going in knowing a ton of spoilers. A new promo released by Fox goes an interesting route to keep things vague. The clip has some audio from the first episode accompanied by some beautiful minimalist animation. I’d watch a whole episode in this style. [Nerdist]

Tale As Old As Time. The CW’s Beauty and the Beast has been limping along, but Season 3 of the drama didn’t pull in big enough numbers. As such, the network has decided to pull the final petal from the rose (I know, that’s Disney’s Beauty and the Beast) and make Season 4 the final one. The premiere date for the last season hasn’t been announced yet, but it will likely be slated for the summer. [TV Fanatic]

Ripping Off the Bandage. While we’re on the topic of bad news: Syfy has canceled Dominion. The show based on the film Legion has struggled with ratings and will not return for Season 3. [The Hollywood Reporter]

In the Mountains. WGN America’s next original series will explore the hills of Appalachia. Outsiders focuses on the Farrell family and their homestead, and if the first trailer sends any message, it’s that staying away from the Farrells is the best possible decision you could make. Yikes. [Deadline]

Love Keeps Her in the Air. Most of us know the tragic ballad of Firefly. The sci-fi western got cancelled after a season, and though it got a movie, it’s not enough for the fans or the cast. At New York Comic Con (NYCC), the cast expressed enthusiasm about a second season during a reunion panel. They said they’d be up for it. I mean, this isn’t exactly a surprise and it’s not really news either because nothing is in the works as far as we know, but Browncoats like any whiff of hope, right? [Nerdist]

Agent Bryson? David Duchovny appeared at NYCC for the premiere of The X-Files, and while he was there, Twin Peaks came up. In case you don’t remember, Duchovny played Agent Denise Bryson for three episodes way back in the day, and it sounds like he might reprise the role. He said, “There is a chance I’ll show up on Twin Peaks. That’s all I can say. I’ve been frightened into silence.” I’m getting my hopes up. I can’t help it. [Nerdist]

Ichabod on the Case. Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills are collaborating on a different kind of case soon. They’ll be working with Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth when Sleepy Hollow meets Bones on October 29. The two-hour event finds the duos teaming up as some human remains are tied to one of Crane’s enemies. The first image from the episode has me looking forward to Crane and Brennan’s conversations–you know they’re going to be entertaining. [TVLine, Image: Fox]

This Is Awkward. Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels comes back to Disney XD tonight (October 14) with “The Lost Commanders.” The episode features the return of some clone troopers from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and given that Kanan witnessed his master get executed during Order 66, you can imagine how he reacts to meeting them. As you can see in the above clip, it gets intense.

Further Training. Enjoying ABC’s Quantico? Then get ready to smile because the network has ordered a full season of the drama about FBI agent Alex Parrish. [Give Me My Remote]

But Why? It’s come to this. Donald Trump is going to be hosting Saturday Night Live again. I get it. Having Trump on the show means ratings because so many people will tune in for what could be a train wreck. But ugh. His episode will air on November 7. [Nerdist]

Round Up The Boys. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg see all kinds of potential in the comic book works of Garth Ennis. They’re already working on an adaptation of Preacher by Ennis and artist Steve Dillon for AMC, but they’d also like to bring The Boys to television. The comic co-created by Ennis and Darick Robertson is definitely more adult in tone, but there’s room for that on TV or on a streaming service these days. [Nerdist]

A Mixed Bag. A new sketch comedy is coming to Netflix in the form of W/ Bob and David. Netflix has released a new trailer for the series starring Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, and it highlights a mixture of skits and costumes. W/ Bob and David will premiere on November 13. [Nerdist]

How do you feel about Donald Trump hosting Saturday Night Live? Sound off in the comments.

Featured Image: Fox

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