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TV-Cap: Dylan Bruce in HEROES REBORN, GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Casting Breakdowns, and More

The week is picking up steam and so is news. Today offers a nice selection of reveals and videos to pull us out of the long weekend slump. I don’t want to waste any more time getting to the goods, so please continue reading to find out about Dylan Bruce’s new role, to get an inside look at Legends of Tomorrow, and to theorize about new characters appearing in the next season of Game of Thrones.

Get the Scoop. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow seems like a show with endless possibilities. Team-ups, time travel, heroes, villains, etc. I’m intrigued by the premise. We’ve seen a promo for the series, but DC Entertainment talks to the cast to give us an idea of what to expect and I’m even more on board. And not just because of Wentworth Miller’s pitch perfect Captain Cold. [TV Fanatic]

More Ghost Detecting. If you’re a fan of Deadbeat, leave the show in your Hulu queue because it’s coming back for another season. Hulu has given the supernatural comedy starring Tyler Labine the green light for a 13-episode Season 3. [Variety]

Team POTUS. Mike McLintock’s job skills have always been questionable, but the most recent episode of Veep piled onto him–to funny effect. Read about that and more in RV’s recap of “Mommy Meyer.”

Murdock & Nelson. What if Marvel’s Daredevil was a little less superhero and a little more courtroom drama? It might look like Law & Order. YouTuber David Johns put a Law & Order spin on the Daredevil opening credits, and it works much better than you’d think it would.

A Medicine Woman. Lifetime’s pilot for The Clan of the Cave Bear (adapted from the book by Jean M. Auel) is still happening and has just gained another cast member. Charlene McKenna (A.D. The Bible Continues) will join Millie Brady, Johnny Ward, and Hal Ozsan for the pilot and will play the Clan’s medicine woman Iza. [Deadline]

Interesting, This Is. You never know what you’ll see on Twitter. Sometimes it’s ton of Imperator Furiosa fan art (that’s a lot of my feed right now), and sometimes it’s Gary Whitta announcing that he’s writing an episode of Star Wars Rebels. Interesting, no? I’m not jumping to any conclusions because Whitta could be writing any episode about anything, but I do want to point out that he wrote the story for Rogue One and that Rogue One takes place in roughly the same time period as Star Wars Rebels. One does not necessarily have to do with the other. But maybe there’s a connection? Also, I want Star Wars Rebels pajamas–preferably ones covered with Chopper.

Using The Sight. I’m sorry to break the news to you, but Season 5 of Game of Thrones is nearly over. Those 10 episodes go by so quickly. Filming for Season 6 will start soon and some vague casting breakdowns have been released. However, the character descriptions aren’t so vague that we can’t make guesses based on A Song of Ice and Fire. Go read Alicia’s theories about who’s who right here.

Dumbledore to Churchill. Another story about Sir Winston Churchill is headed to television. PBS will air Churchill’s Secret, an adaptation of Jonathan Smith’s The Churchill Secret: KBO, in 2016, and Michael Gambon will star as Churchill. Dear PBS: You had me at Gambon. [Deadline]

Moving On. WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the May 23 episode of Orphan Black. Stop reading if you haven’t watched it yet.
Are we all good? Good. Since Dylan Bruce has wrapped on Orphan Black, he has availability and it looks like he’ll be joining the cast of NBC’s Heroes Reborn in a recurring role. Details are under wraps, but I’m hoping he has special powers. The event series will premiere this fall. [A.V. Club]

Do you think Gary Whitta writing an episode of Star Wars Rebels means Rogue One tie-ins? Let me know your opinion in the comments or come talk to me on Twitter.

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