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TV-Cap: DOCTOR WHO on Amazon Prime, Neal Returns on ONCE UPON A TIME

What sort of magic can you expect to witness in The Flash/Supergirl crossover event? Italia Ricci, a.k.a. Silver Banshee, stopped by Nerdist News with the scoop. You can learn the details in today’s TV-Cap, and find out about Doctor Who‘s arrival on Amazon Prime, Michael Raymond-James’ return to Once Upon a Time, who’s been cast in DC Comics’ Powerless, and more.

Teaming Up. We’re not sure why The Flash’s Barry Allen is joining Kara Zor-El on the streets of Central City on Supergirl, but we’re pumped to see it happen. Set photos have revealed Silver Banshee is the villain they’ll be facing together, and the Banshee herself Italia Ricci stopped by Nerdist News to tease what’s ahead. [Nerdist]

From Period to Contemporary. Vikings’ Clive Standen is making the leap from shields and swords to guns. He’s been cast as Bryan Mills in NBC’s Taken series that will serve as a prequel to the films starring Liam Neeson. Mills is “a black ops agent in the elite Emergency Covert Action Team,” just in case you forgot. [Slashfilm]

This Insurance Isn’t Boring. In other NBC casting news, Vanessa Hudgens is joining Powerless. That’s the DC Comics comedy about the insurance company that has to process claims for all the damage caused by superheroes and villains. Hudgens plays Emily Locke, an insurance claims adjuster who is so over superheroes. [Variety]

What a Mess. The Legends of Tomorrow crew has crashed into Star City 2046, and the city is a wreck… to put it mildly. While there, they run into Connor Hawke and an older, grumpier Oliver Queen (Ollie’s look is inspired by The Dark Knight Returns). See more images from the episode at Comic Book Resources. [Images: The CW]

A Brief Break. After Doctor Who disappeared from streaming services in January, due panic ensued. But you can stop worrying, because, according to a tweet from Amazon, Doctor Who is coming to Prime Video in March. No word yet on the exact arrival date or which episodes will be included, but I’d expect to see the entirety of the modern series available. [Nerdist]

An Emotional Journey. USA’s Mr. Robot took everyone by surprise. The cerebral intensity of the show combined with its twists and turns and phenomenal performances—it’s fantastic. The cast and creator stopped by the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour and discussed what’s ahead for the second season. Read everything they had to say here at Nerdist.

What a Fantasy! Tuesday night’s Agent Carter (which is another two-hour event, by the way) will have a dream sequence that gets musical. Angie will pop back up alongside all sorts of other friends, foes, and background dancers who were apparently pulled over from Dancing with the Stars. Ah, synergy. And hey, look at Jarvis in that tuxedo. [TV Insider, Images: ABC]

Underworld Reunions. The winter finale of Once Upon a Time saw our heroes headed to the Underworld to save Hook. While there, they might just encounter Neal Cassidy. Michael Raymond-James will appear in the midseason premiere on March 6. I wonder what he and Emma will have to say to each other. [TVLine]

Going There. Netflix is doing creative things with the marketing of House of Cards, and the next move includes a hanging a portrait of the fictional President Frank Underwood in the Smithsonian Institute’s very real National Portrait Gallery. Seriously. The portrait of Kevin Spacey by Jonathan Yeo will be displayed for most of the election season. They even made the unveiling a “real” event with Spacey staying in character as Underwood with actual members of the White House press corps attending. [Deadline]

Recap City. I know it’s only Tuesday, but boy, there’s been a whole lot of television happening ’round these parts. Are you ready to catch up on recaps and reviews? Because we have them for Gilmore Girls and the latest episodes of The X-Files (it’s the finale… again), Better Call Saul, Supergirl (Master Jailer guys. Come on.), and Love.

Will you be taking advantage of the Doctor’s return to streaming video to play catch up? Let me know in the comments.


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