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TV-Cap: DOCTOR WHO Announces Its New Companion!

As far as weekends go, this one had a few things going on. BBC revealed who will replace Jenna Coleman as the companion in Doctor Who and a little show called Game of Thrones premiered its sixth season. Read about both those things, see a new season three clip for Penny Dreadful, find out which award Marvel’s Jessica Jones won, and more in today’s TV-Cap.

Running Practice. The Twelfth Doctor is about to get a new companion, and she’s starting her time in the role on Doctor Who by meeting Daleks. She asks a lot of valid questions about the enemies in her introduction video, embedded above. Bill is played by Pearl Mackie, who shows she’s already learning that running fast is a key part of the job. [Nerdist]

Scheduling Decisions. While NBC’s season six order for Grimm still stands, they’re dialing back a little. They’ve reduced the next season to 13 episodes rather than the usual 22; this means Grimm likely won’t be on the calendar in the fall and will debut in the winter. Deadline reports there’s the possibility more episodes will be added.

Celebrate with a Drink. The Peabody Awards are the broadcasting/media equivalent of Pulitzers. So, they’re prestigious and stuff. And guess which show has received one? Jessica Jones. The show’s portrayal of Jessica and the way it handled topics such as power and consent were praised by the jurors (as they should be). []

Minus Walkers. If you’ve been longing to see Norman Reedus outside of his role on The Walking Dead, you’re in luck. Ride with Norman Reedus will arrive on AMC on Sunday, June 12. The nonfiction series will tag along with Reedus as he rides his motorcycle around the country with various companions and explores biker culture. [Entertainment Weekly]

Play to the Death? Game of Thrones is all about death, death, and more death… and maybe some violence. If you’re ready to flex your skills in those departments, pick up a card game instead of a mace. Alex Kessler has you covered with a free-to-download unofficial game called Winter Is Coming. The goal: to kill everyone who is not you. Get the game and rules at Kessler’s site. [Nerdist]

Open Your Mind. May 22 isn’t so far away, and that means the premiere of AMC’s Preacher is nearly upon us. The show’s official Twitter account is dropping teases and behind-the-scenes videos—such as the above one showing the first table read—like they’re hot potatoes. The beginning is nigh! [Comic Book Resources]

Deadly Insects. Penny Dreadful is amazing in that it can make talk about scorpions in jars sound weirdly sensual. See for yourself in this clip from the season three premiere. The Showtime series will return on May 1. [IGN]

Classic Vibes. The couch gags of The Simpsons are a thing of a beauty, and I’m especially head over heels for one of their newest ones. Created by Eric Goldberg, the couch gag is a nod to classic animated Disney features, and it’s kind of perfect. [Nerdist]

Zombies, Pus, and Magic. TV doesn’t take a break on the weekends. Saturday and Sunday nights brought installments of all sorts of intense shows, and we have recaps. Catch up on Outlander (Hildegarde and Fergus were introduced!) and Fear the Walking Dead (plane survivors). Oh, and I guess Game of Thrones—how about that nutty reveal with Melisandre?!

Are you excited to meet the new companion? What did you think about the Game of Thrones premiere? Talk to me about all the things in the comments.

Featured Image: BBC

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