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TV-Cap: Deets on the ARROW/THE FLASH Crossover, Tina Fey Moves to Netflix, John Stamos is Canceled

Ha! Did you think we’d take the week off simply because its Thanksgiving? Oh, please! We love you all too much to not constantly — and perhaps annoyingly — bring you each and every lil’ tid ol’ bitty available across the wide and wandering television landscape. Between details about that The Flash/Arrow crossover, the news that Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is heading to Netflix, and a particular Firefly GIF that’s sure to make you feel things, Monday’s TV-Cap is full of emotion!

So let’s dive in, eh? Yeah? OK SWEET COOL!

CW Synergy’s A-Comin’: A storm’s a-brewing — and it’s been a long time coming. The Flash/Arrow crossover event slated for December 2nd and 3rd are sure to be gamechangers for both Barry and Oliver. In preparation for this the series’ creators and stars have given a real insightful look to the battle (yes, battle) set to take over the CW shows. “There’s a really big character, emotional moment for Oliver on The Flash side; [something] that we set up last season and paid off in Flash, and will pay off down the road on Arrow,” Andrew Kreisberg teased. Ooh la la! Tell me more tell me more. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Adam Pally Bids Adieu: The very funny, very underutilized comedian will be leaving The Mindy Project on a series regular basis after its thirteenth episode, when his contract runs out. [TVLine]

Top Secret Space Stuff: Ascension looks totally nutty in a good way, right? Like Mad Men meets Upstairs Downstairs meets SPACE! What’s not to like, right? [Nerdist]

That Kimmy Schmidt Really Is Unbreakable: We were getting real, real worried about the fate of NBC’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the first Tina Fey/Robert Carlock TV project since 30 Rock, when they didn’t slate it with a premiere date in the fall or winter. Apparently that’s because Netflix was busy working its magic to not only poach the series (or gleefully snap it up from NBC — they seem to only care about drama these days anyway), but also secure it a second season! Woo! March, hurry up. [TVLine]

Bye Bye Stamos: Aww shucks, looks like Members’ Only, that tennis professionals situation comedy starring John “Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love” Stamos has been scrapped before it even premiered. It’s a pretty big turnaround, considering all the promise that was involved in it: it was originally picked up straight to series in January and for a time had David O. Russell attached to co-write and executive produce, but he bowed out awhile back. Womp Womp! Sorry all ye horny housewives. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Firefly Feels: Certainly Zoe and Wash shippers are going to have some FEELS when it comes to this little fan-made GIF from Stephen Byrne. [io9]

Well That Looks Positively Dreadful: Here’s your first look at the second season of the not-at-all-dreadful (har har har, get it?) Penny Dreadful! [Nerdist]

Let Me Upgrade You: Casey Wilson’s character on Marry Me has two dads named Kevin and one of them — Scandal/The Comeback star Dan Bucatinsky — has been promoted to series regular on the NBC series. Just another reason to be charmed by this sweet, adorable little show. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Broadway Goes Home…land: Ooh la la, now color us intrigued and hopeful for a bizarre musical moment on Showtime’s Homeland. The very impressive Broadway vet, Victoria Clark, has been tapped to play poor, poor Carrie Mathison’s mom. A big deal, indeed! As fans of the series may remember, James Rebhorn — who played Carrie’s father on the show — passed away earlier this year. [Entertainment Weekly]

Ruffalo Hulks Out: Be still our hearts, we are so in love with Mark Ruffalo. I mean just watch this clip and prepare for all of the squee. [Nerdist]

So — anyone want to guess what these big-deal things set to happen on the Arrow/Flash crossover event might be? Let’s speculate in the comments!

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  1. Justin says:

    General Grodd?!?!?!

  2. Crystal says:

    It is isn’t going to be a “Barry, I am your father.” is it? 🙂