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TV-Cap: David Lynch On the Return of TWIN PEAKS, Another Speedster Possibly Coming to THE FLASH, & More

This is an exciting week for fans of genre television. The rest of The CW line-up returns from a brief hiatus, and it looks like some riveting twists and turns are in the works. I can’t wait. Hearing news about Arrow and The Flash from the panel at PaleyFest last week has me all wound up. Keep reading for news from The Flash Q&A, the return of Twin Peaks, a twist with the subject of The Jinx, and more.

More Speedsters. The Flash was part of the PaleyFest 2015 line-up and showrunner Greg Berlanti dropped an intriguing hint about Season 2 of the DC Comics inspired series. An audience member asked whether Wally West or Bart Allen might appear on the series. Berlanti said, “That’s our hope. And we’ve already been picked up for a second season so I think if we were going to do something like that, we would do it next season.” Sounds promising, no? [CBR]


Going in Reverse. Dr. Harrison Wells has been keeping secrets from Barry and the team at STAR Labs. But is his time almost up? Joe West already suspects Wells and Cisco is unsure. We’ll see Cisco question his mentor in tomorrow night’s “Out of Time.” The CW released the first official full body shot of Tom Cavanagh as Reverse Flash in advance of the episode. Cavanagh has been so entertaining in this role that I hope Reverse Flash somehow gets away (sorry, Barry!). [TVLine]

Say It Isn’t So. The return of Twin Peaks seemed like a done deal. Once Showtime made the announcement and then later brought Kyle MacLachlan to the TCA event earlier this year, I figured we wouldn’t have to worry. However, maybe we do. David Lynch recently said, “There are complications.” Ruh-roh. [Nerdist]

Another Mother. Fargo has cast Cristin Milioti for Season 2; she’ll be playing Betsy Solverson, the mother of Molly Solverson. The next season of Fargo is jumping back in time to 1979. Milioti is best known for playing Tracy McConnell, the mother in the title of How I Met Your Mother. [/Film]

Stay Fresh. The third season of Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black isn’t exactly around the corner. It doesn’t premiere until June 12. However, you can get a fix with a fantastic new video featuring the cast singing along to “Don’t Talk to Me.” This video confirms that Kate Mulgrew is a treasure. [Nerdist]

Is the Jig Up? SPOILERS AHEAD: The finale of HBO’s documentary series about Robert Durst aired last night, and the last seconds were shocking. The Jinx uncovered new evidence in the case of Susan Berman’s murder–it was revealed in last week’s episode–and Durst was arrested in New Orleans on behalf of Los Angeles officials in regard to that case. It’s not entirely clear what spurred police to make the arrest–they wouldn’t comment on it. The LAPD did say, “As a result of investigative leads and additional evidence that has come to light in the past year, investigators have identified Robert Durst as the person responsible for Ms. Berman’s death.” [LA Times]

Empire Additions. It seems like I only just started hearing about Empire, but the show’s Season 1 finale airs this Wednesday. Time sure does fly. Anyway, series co-creator Lee Daniels is already talking about plans for Season 2. He told Access Hollywood that both Oprah Winfrey and Common will join Empire next season. [Vulture]

Jumping Around. Did you binge-watch the newest season of House of Cards when it dropped on Netflix at the end of last month? If so, take the time to relive every dramatic moment with Michelle Buchman’s recaps. She recently discussed Chapter 33, the first episode that leaped between different time periods.

What do you think of the full Reverse Flash costume? Let us know in the comments.

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