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TV-Cap: BROAD CITY First Look, Sean Bean Will Live to See More LEGENDS, Plus COSMOS’ Future

It’s a beautiful day in Internet, folks! We survived a night of high-flying antics from Peter Pan LIVE! — where we basked in the beautiful glow of Christopher Walken’s dancing and singing — and now we’re here to let you know what you may have missed while gearing up for you hate-watch, hate-watch-watching, love-watch, or whatever you did with your time. Enter: Friday’s TV-Cap, filled with stuff like a Broad City sneak peek, Sean Bean’s series Legends stayin’ alive (stayin’ alive!) for season two, and even a trailer for season two of HBO’s Looking. And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg: apparently Seth MacFarlane is crowdsourcing questions for a potential Cosmos season two!

This is one story you won’t want to miss.

The Al-Dente Dentist: Broad City! Broad Broad City! BROAD EFFING CITY, Y’ALL! (I have to scream it that way every time I say it, not sorry though because it’s worth it.) Bless the good people over at Comedy Central for this gift: a sneak peek at the second season of the series before its January 14th debut. Between this and Parks and Recreation, is it weird that I’m more excited for the mid-season premieres than the fall ones? THEY’RE ALL SO MUCH BETTER!

One Legendary Renewal: OK, OK, OK — we’re going to try and get all the Sean Bean jokery out in one quick sentence, ready? Here goes: Ned Stark’s head will roll — with excitement! — over the news that his real-life counterpart, Sean Bean, will actually live to see the second season of his TNT show, Legends, come to air. (How was that?) Martin Odum, keep on keepin’ on, sir. But word on the street IS that some of the supporting cast is in for a bit of a shake-up so don’t stay too attached to pretty much anyone else (when has that *ever* happened when Sean Bean was involved before? Sorry we just can’t help ourselves. It’s FUNNY!) [Deadline]

Jon Hamm’s Christmas-y Black Mirror: It’s that show everyone’s talking about (all of a damn sudden) from England that’s now on Netflix that we’re 100% going to binge-watch over the Christmas holiday! Look at the clip at the linky-dink —> [Nerdist]

Keep On Looking: The first season of HBO’s Looking was a quiet slice of modern life that we, personally, loved. Poignant and honest and pretty funny to boot, the second season looks to be filled with more of the same. Why aren’t you watching this show? It’s a nice show. Do you not like nice things? It premieres January 11th.

Writers’ Guild Awards are True-ly Transparent: We see what you’re doing here, WGA! You’re awarding some really, really top notch television writing! And we’re, honestly, pretty thrilled with the list. Cable took home the lionshare of nominations (because of COURSE it did), with HBO’s True Detective, Game of Thrones, Veep, and Silicon Valley garnering a ton. Right behind first-placer TD in the nomination game, though, was FX’s Louie because Louis C.K. is a goddamn national treasure. And we’re BEYOND-BEYOND thrilled that one of our absolute favorite new series of the past year, Transparent, picked up two as well (Best Comedy and Best New Series). The awards will be given out in February. It’s going to be a TOUGH race for a lot of these, hoo boy. [Entertainment Weekly]

New Bee and Puppycat: Look! It’s the WHOLE episode. As in, the entire thing, streaming, right here right MEOW! Aww gee golly and shucks, THANKS BEE AND PUPPYCAT!

Cliff Curtis Cast in Cobalt: You know, The Walking Dead spin-off? [Nerdist]

Another Season in the Cosmos: This one is sure to make Kyle Hill happy (BECAUSE SCIENCE — hey-o!): according to Seth MacFarlane, a second season is very probably happening!

So, let’s talk about that Peter Pan LIVE! business, shall we? Let’s dissect the whole shebang in the comments. I mean we all need to congress on it, right?

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    Every second of Christopher Walken as Hook was more gif-able than the last.