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TV-Cap: BETTER CALL SAUL Season 2 Teaser, Killer Frost on THE FLASH, and More

Let’s be honest. This week is all about counting the days and hours until your showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We’re going to keep up the pretense of caring about other things though, like television news! (I do really care, I promise). Today’s TV-Cap has a teaser for the next season of Better Call Saul, news about a sort of unexpected twist on Grimm, word on a Hillary Clinton appearance on Broad City, Killer Frost, and more.

Real or Not Real? One aspect about The Vampire Diaries that continually draws me in is how often the main characters die but still manage to survive. And yet I care every single time. When The Vampire Diaries returns on January 29 to a brand new time slot on The CW–Fridays instead of Thursdays–it looks like Damon will return from a pseudo-death. Maybe. [TV Fanatic]

Make Way for Julie. A mini The O.C. reunion will be happening on Gotham next year. The series has added Melinda Clarke, who you might remember as Julie Cooper from The O.C. Clarke will be playing a character created for the series, Grace Van Dahl. She’s slated to appear in the fifteenth episode. [E! Online]

#Yas. And speaking of awesome cameos, guess who’s coming to Comedy Central’s Broad City? Hillary Clinton is stopping by for a visit in Season 3–which premieres on February 17. [Variety]

All the Monies. Mystery Science Theater 3000 did it. They not only raised the money they needed to make 14 more episodes, they broke a Kickstarter record. They raised $5.7 million which means it’s the most-funded video project in Kickstarter history. Yowza. [Nerdist]

Brrr. It’s not a secret that Killer Frost is coming to The Flash. It’s just a matter of when and how. The common guess is that Caitlin Snow is Killer Frost in Earth 2. If you want to know some possibly spoiler-y details about her transformation, visit to see photos from the set.

Who Am I? What kind of man does Jimmy McGill want to be? It’s a pressing question for Season 2 of Better Call Saul even though we all ultimately know he ends up becoming Saul Goodman. A new teaser from AMC hints at the struggles ahead. The show returns on February 15. [Deadline]

Can It Be True? The upcoming Sherlock holiday special is all about an avenging ghost… or is it? A new trailer for “The Abominable Bride” shows Holmes and Watson don’t want to believe it’s true, but maybe this time something supernatural is actually happening. Maybe. We’ll find out when the special airs on January 1. [Comic Book Resources]

Wibbly Wobbly. Doctor Who has traveled through time on our television for over five decades. That’s a lot of bouncing around the timeline. YouTuber Steven Richter has taken it upon himself to arrange most of the episodes of the modern series in chronological order. That’s an ambitious effort. Whew. Would you ever consider watching Doctor Who in this order for fun? [Nerdist]

Graduation Day. Remember Principal Richard Belding from Saved By the Bell? I’m guessing most children of the ’90s do. Well, Dennis Haskins has crossed an educational milestone in real life that isn’t exactly news, but it does make me smile. Haskins received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee. Aww. [Vulture]

Warning: Spoilers for Grimm follow.

She’s Back. Grimm’s fall finale aired on Friday, and a major character returned from the dead. Sort of. Bitsie Tulloch is back, and she’s back as Eve. She has Juliette’s memories, but that’s about it. Huh. So, Juliette is still absolutely dead and this is a new character. It’s a loophole. Read TVLine’s interviews with Grimm’s creators and Tulloch. [Image: NBC]

Were you surprised by the twist on Grimm? Head to the comments and tell me about your reaction.

Featured Image: AMC

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